I See London, I See France! The Adventure Begins TOMORROW!

Can’t believe it’s time to hop on the ol’ jet plane and head back across the pond tomorrow! Well, actually I can. It’s been seven years since I’ve been to Europe and I’m so excited to be making the return! I wanted to share with you all the itinerary of the trip so you know where I’ll headed to keep up with the adventures.

Leg One: London

So I leave bright and early Thursday morning and arrive at my first destination bright and early Friday morning! I have a brief layover in NYC, but because of the slick nine hour time difference between Cali and the UK, it adds right on up to a full day of travel- oof! I’ve been stacking up fun activities to occupy my 14 hours in-flight, a lot of which involves catching up on some pop culture: season 4 of Mad Men, perhaps reading Hunger Games, and boning up on natural hair lingo en francais (gotta say, I may know the language, but I am not 100% certain of how to translate high-porosity off the top of my head considering it’s a relatively new concept for me in English). Ok, so blah blah blah fly fly fly *-)- *-)- *-)- LAND in Europe where I will go find Felicia and spend the day romping around London before hitting up a natural hair party. No time to relax the next day for we have to get up, packed, and head over to the first of two events: Multi-Texture Hair Workshop presented by Gidore, a fabulous UK-based natural hair and beauty blog!

Directly following the event, we’ll be packing up and headed back to the airport for the next portion of the trip.

Leg Two: PARIS!

Ah yes, the City of Lights! I couldn’t be more jazzed to return, especially in the name of natural hair! After landing, and presumably going right to bed, we’ll be waking up early on Sunday morning to get ourselves over to a boat on the Seine river where the second of the two events will be hosted!  The Paris natural hair workshop will be cruising along the river that winds through the heart of the city while attendees learn about natural hair care techniques and share their hair stories.   I’m pretty sure that this is the first-ever floating natural hair workshop and I’m excited not only to meet the Parisian naturalistas, but also to scope the scenery along the banks!

After this second event wraps up, I’ve got a couple of days to chill in Paris. I plan on doing some street style photography, checking out some of my favorite museums (La Musee de Georges Pompidou par example!), and catching up with some friends while enjoying the mandatory French delicacies of wine, pungent cheeses, and crepes bursting with nutella.

Leg Three: Toulouse

I was looking forward to taking the train to Toulouse from Paris, just like I used to back when I was a student. Then I learned that flights have become significantly cheaper between the two cities so I decided to nix the 6-hour train ride and grab a plane ticket. Toulouse, also known as “La Ville Rose” (The Pink City), holds a very special place in my heart as this was the core of my French experience: where I lived, where I roamed, where I learned, and where I made lifelong friendships.  I’ll be staying at the house of my host family and spending some time with them for a couple days.  Last time I was there, I was still in my teens so it should be a lot of fun to return and catch up!  I’m also planning on spending some time with the director of my internship, who gave me the opportunity to spearhead a really unique internship project that allowed me to explore the hidden nooks and crannies of the entire city. If memory serves correctly, April in Toulouse is stunningly beautiful, so I’m really looking forward to soaking that all in, and um, eating these delicious sandwiches served at this one shop (please let it still be there!): a crusty warm baguette stuffed with chicken and french fries topped with mayo and ketchup.  Gahhhh— so good!

Leg Three: Back to Paris

Well, I gotta spend the weekend in the big city! I’ve coordinated a flight with my friend so that we land back in Paris at the same time so that we can head over to our friend’s apartment and spend the weekend having fun. What adventures will we find? Not a clue! Guess we’ll see where the wind takes us!

Leg Four: Back Home…well, almost

Before headed back to San Francisco, I’ll be making a week-long stop over in Austin, TX to spend some time with the team at the TextureMedia HQ. I always love being in Austin, not to mention going to work is literally a dose of curly heaven!

Leg Five: Back home…FOR REALZ

21 days later, I shall make my triumphant return to San Francisco! But let’s not focus on that, let’s focus on all of the fun that is to come!

Before I can even fathom making any of that a reality, I have to deal with the whole packing situation. My suitcase is a heap of dresses and skirts (The Ol’Cassidy Uniform) and I have to narrow down my selections because, as always, I’ll only be carrying-on!

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