COLOR ME RAD: Lola De-Virginized (part 2)

Let’s see…now where did we leave off in the story of Lola’s virgin color. Oh, right. Me leaving you hanging for three days waiting for the official pictures! Muahahahaha

Ok, so the truth is that after steaming, I decided just to leave the deep conditioning treatment in my hair and roll out of the salon (to a much anticipated happy hour at NOPA). We used Deva’s Heaven in Hair, which is sold as a deep conditioner, but can be used as a styling cream. In fact, I would say that it is absolutely one of my FAVORITE styling creams out there. But in an effort to bring some moisture back to Lola, my hair was completely over saturated with the product. My instructions were to wash it out and re-style in the morning and come back the salon for a visit for any final trims. That’s the perk of living just four blocks from Madusalon. What it meant for this piece was that right after the coloring, my hair was chalky and dull until I washed it and we certainly didn’t want to do a reveal like that!

So the next morning, I got up and washed my hair using JessiCurl Cleansing Cream, conditioned first with Deva One Condition and then Darcy Botanitcal’s Pumpkin Seed Conditioner, then styled on soaking wet hair with Hair Rules Curly Whip. My curls felt soft and hydrated if not only slightly looser on the finer sections right above my ear. Here is a shot of when my hair is still sopping wet:

Color is darker when it’s wet and I was impatient to see it fully dry. To expedite the process I sat beneath the hooded dryer for about 40 minutes then fluffed with the nozzle on my hand dryer. I WAS REALLY LIKING WHAT I WAS SEEING!!

I went back do to Madusalon and we all agreed that the color was ON POINT! After clipping a couple random curls, Lola and I were sent on our merry way! The final color:

It’s more blonde and less red than I had originally anticipated, but it certainly complements my skin tone more–what can I say? I’m a California Girl! I’m going to call it California Golden Copper! CGC BABY! WEST COAST REPRESENT! Ha!

I’m glad we didn’t go as red, and Marie, oh that Marie told me that she never wanted to take me as red as the pictures, but more caramel, but works wonderfully and doesn’t (as I feared) prohibit me from wearing my precious red lipstick!).
The color actually quite subtle when inside and shimmers in the sunlight. Friends who have known me a long time have been coming up and asking “did you do something different?” and then when I tell them they say “WOW! It’s IS lighter!” I’ve been getting huge compliments, especially at the TextureTalk event yesterday. We got tons of headshots from the event, so I’ll be sharing those shortly so you can see more of the color, especially on the shorter side.

All in all– a great experience thus far with the color and looking forward to rockin it!!

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  1. You look GREAT! The new color looks great on you, represent sister!

  2. You look great as always, and I’m so happy you’re happy with it! Funny, we had the same color experience. I was really feelin’ the same red last fall, and talked to my loctician about it for maybe three months before we finally took the plunge. She, like Marie, never intended to make me red but more caramel with blonde highlights. And yes, for we two, these colors work better than red. It’s great to have a trusted hair professional by your side.

  3. Looks great!! Now I want color :)

  4. Looks Greattttt,

  5. Love the color! It is so multi-dimensional. It makes me want to visit the possible venture of getting color for the summer time. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Looks lovely! Glad to see you’re loving it!

  7. wow! Super cute! I looks really natural

  8. I had read some of the responses when you announced you were thinking about it, and was a little nervous for you…it looks incredible!!!!
    Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  9. I LOVE it Cassidy! It’s gorgeous!! I’d like to dye mine one day too. Making mental note of this! Thanks for sharing! ;-)

  10. Its beautiful!

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