Back into ‘Cones with Hair Rules Curly Whip (+product demo vid)

So awhile back, I decided that I wanted to dip my toes into the pool of siliconed products and you never heard back about it because my first attempt was awful.  Absolutely awful.  My hair was SO dry, crispy, and frizzy that after a week I high-tailed it right back to the all-natural goodness I keep around for naturally curly hair.

Then in preparation for Texture on the Runway, I spent a good deal of time talking with Anthony Dickey of Hair Rules and his team about not only about their vision for the show, but also about their products.  I had initially stayed away from this product line purely because of the ‘cones, but as I said in my original Adventures in Silicones post, I DO believe that with the cleansing and conditioning regimen, silicones aren’t the worst things imaginable for natural hair.  I think that by biggest mistake in my initial silicone trials was that I used products not geared towards tightly coiled hair, but after chatting so much with Dickey, I decided that if a man who has dedicated his life to the world of curl can get behind ‘cones, well I just had to see what he was brewing up!

So I checked out a couple Hair Rules products just to see, the first being the gel-cream styler called Curly Whip that I received a little sample of and the second being the creamier Kinky Curling Cream I received in my CurlBox.  I was pleasantly surprised by both products, not because they worked well, but because I’ve found that neither have caused any issues with dryness or build up –IF used with a good clarifying cleanser and conditioner.

I will say that I am more a fan of the Curly Whip because of the awesome gel-induced clumping and my finely textured coils can get with the product.  The final results are awesome definition without any crunch plus movement and softness!  I’m digging it!  While in Chicago last week, I actually pulled Dickey aside to ask him about the presence of ‘cones in his products in face of so much anti-cone speak out there.  His response?  It’s all about performance.  Meaning that his products are formulated to to deliver the best results for curly hair, and the best results in this case also mean maintaining the moisture levels and condition.  Makes sense to me!

Here’s what I’ve been digging in the line:

And the finished look using these two products for a wash’n’go:




Now, after my first trial of using Hair Rules back in NYC, I posted the following pic to my NaturalSelection Facebook page and someone asked me to do a video because they were having some problems getting the products to work.  It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a vid, so I thought this would be a great one to jump back into vlogging with! Be warned theres a lot goin on in this vid from my plastic bag to a little bit of shimmying, but what the hey– IT’S FRIDAY!!! Enjoy and happy weekend y’all!


What do you think about silicones being used for “performance”? Do they work for you?

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