Making The Most Of Your Products! (even the ones you hated)

In almost every natural’s journey, there is a time when she or he goes through a massive shopping spree of products. Trying out a whole smorgasbord of conditioners (deep, leave-in, and rinse-out), oils, butters, souffles, pomades and poos can leave you with an empty wallet and *only* a hand full of products that actually WORK like you want them to.

The fact of the matter is that not all products you try will WORK for you. Which is fine, no one and no product is perfect. The issue is finding something productive to do with all of the half-full fallen soldiers from the Battle of Product Junkyism. You don’t want to just let them sit there and collect them dust— you paid good money for them after all!

Here’s a round up of helpful suggestions for repurposing those products that DIDN’T make the cut for your coils:


  • SHAMPOO: Rather than soaping your scalp, lather up a loofah with your shampoo and use it as a BODY WASH.  I personally don’t think I’ve bought a new body wash in months because of all the shampoos that Lola didn’t end up liking.
  • CONDITIONER: There are a few conditioners that I find actually receive the grade of A+ and those are the ones I like to reserve for my hair.  The rest of them, even the B+’s, make cameos as SHAVING CREAM.  They’re thick and have enough moisture and slip to buffer and protect your shins and glide across your skin.
  • BUTTERS: One word for you: LOTION.  I find that most butters are a bit too heavy for my hair, but that they make fantastic skin moisturizers! Whipped shea butters are a popular selection, but my favorite lotion has actually been Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine these days.  It goes on smooth, doesn’t leave a lot of residual greasiness, and leaves my skin glowing.   #nomoreash
  • OILS: If it didn’t work for your hair, try it on your scalp.  If you’re not a scalp oiler either, well you still have a few options!  If it’s a pure oil, meaning no additives or synthetics, put a couple drops on a Q-Tip or cotton ball and use as a MAKE UP REMOVER.  Be very very careful to avoid getting the oil in your eye (it’s slightly unpleasant, especially for us contact wearers, so please learn from my mistake).  Like butters, oils are also great as SKIN MOISTURIZERS.  And what they hey–it’s almost Valentine’s Day, so if you’re feeling saucy, warm up a couple drops and voila: a MASSAGE OIL!  Better yet, find an attractive, fit, and accommodating male to recreate this iconic video by slathering your oil all over his torso:

    (make sure to put a little on his head too to give his cornrows a little sheen)
  • If something absolutely cannot and will not work for you, well then repurpose it, but giving it new life!  How?  GIVE IT AWAY.  Rather than collecting clutter, give no-go’s to a friend or relative who might want to give them a whirl.  If you’ve got a whole hoard of products donate them to a local shelter (call before you drop them off to make sure they take em) or arrange a product swap with some Curl Friends!

Hopefully you found these tips helpful!  If you’ve got some other ideas to share about how to make the most of your products, share ’em in the comments!!

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  1. Great article

    One can do the same with skin care products. Repurposing them si they don’t go to waste. I’m actually writing an article about it now.

  2. I never thought about using conditioners as shaving cream…what a great idea. Thanks!

  3. I love the idea of re-using. I have been going through my hair products and giving some away to my other naturally curly girls, who the products are working for.

  4. Thank you so much for this information, genius…in this economy being a product junkie we need to re-purpose the products that are collecting dust. Great information and inspiration as always .

  5. Good Artitcle! Never knew you can use conditioner as a shave cream! Now I know what to do with the conditioners I don’t like! Great ideas to incorporate when you have so many products that don’t work for your hair. I have given away alot of products thus far:)

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