I See You and Your New Shaved Sides, Jill Scott!

And way to go girl! Never has there been a better time for me to say: GREAT MINDS MOST DEFINITELY THINK ALIKE!

Right now they’re thinking that clippers are in and fades are hot! On Monday’s VH1 Diva’s showcase, Jilly from Philly debuted a new style that featured a shaved sides topped off with a bouffant of two-strand twists.



Oops sorry, was that last one of me? Gosh, it’s so confusing to have quasi-matching hair do’s!

Jill’s hair do’s have always been envelope-pushing and avant-garde; as such her styles are highly anticipated and frequently recreated. This fully shaved side look is definitely no different. A quick call over to her stylist and my amiga Felicia Leatherwood revealed that this look isn’t necessarily new nor the first time she clipped the sides. “She’s a fun challenge to work with,” said Felicia, “it’s always exciting to hear what she comes up with next!”

What I’m interested in is how she carries this style forward and what happens when she unpins the twists. What are her other styling options here? I purposefully left one on side of my hair intact so that when I wanted I wouldn’t be exposing the Damn Fade all the time, but she boldly went with both. I’m also curious to see what she does with the grow out. Is she going to clip the rest off and start from square one or just let it all grow together? Another thing Jill and I apparently share is our envy of Felicia’s closely cropped hair…hmm….

It’s been 2 weeks since I did the Damn Fade and my clipped side is already growing super fast! The once super precise lines are now fuzzy and little textured curls are creeping back in. While I’m tempted to go find a barber and clean it up, I’m also wondering if I should just let it grow back in so that when the twists come out in a few weeks I don’t have a totally lopsided do. That said, I kinda specialize in lopsided do’s these days, so whatever I’d have would just be naturally dramatic!

Then and freshly clipped

Now and starting to grow (just 2 weeks later)

If you’re wanting to hop on this style train, but don’t want to make the commitment to clippers, may I suggest using cornrows or flat twists to pull in the sides to achieve this look.

Either way, I’m totally loving Jill’s new do, partially because OMG MATCHING FRIENDSHIP HAIR, but also because it looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see how this style evolves…on both of us! Happy Friday, Joyous Weekend, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Shave it all off!

  2. Great minds really do think alike because I was really thinking about doing the shaved sides. I did a trial style, faux shaved sides look to get an idea about how I would look.

    I worry about keeping it up though. Any suggestions?

  3. I am really thinking about doing something as bold as this! I have been natural for two years and I just need a change!

  4. You never know…she may have gotten the idea from a certain blog i’m posting on now….hmmmmm

    Great style on both of you!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I love the boldness, but I must say that it is not for me. If you are going to shave it off, shave it all off.

  6. I immediately thought about you when I saw Jill step onto the stage. I’m absolutely LOVING it!!!! It was definitely all about focusing on playing up the middle for Jill and Ledisi. Love them both! Work that hair!!!

  7. yeeeea jill definitely had her sides shaved a few months ago and it looks absolutely gorgeous. i’d love to try it myself but i know i wont have the patience with the grow out process or tryin to keep up wit the styling. for me i just prefer the plain ol’ amber rose or grow it out from my twa phase! i have to live through yall, lol.

    i cant wait to see how this style evolves too…stayin tuned O_O

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