Nzuri Hair Show Wrap-Up and Gallery

As the final hair show of the year, the 2-day Nzuri hair show closed out 2011 with a bang. Attendees were in the thousands and throngs of naturals (soon-to-be-naturals and the naturally-curious) flocked to scoop up oodles of products, soak in the knowledge in workshops, and scope the freshest-of-fashions on the mainstage runways. I haven’t been to a natural hair expo since April’s WNHS, but I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber and quality of the vendors and programming at the Nzuri Show. I thought that the mainstage especially provided attendees with engaging presentations and entertainment.

Highlights include

**The models WERKIN the runway during the Macy’s runway show
**Meeting readers and giveaway winners and seeing friendly faces that I’ve kicked it with at shows and events from earlier this year
**My Damn Fade! #duhtotesobvi
**Seeing all these CUTE natural kids running around! Some with curls, others with locs, ALL with smiles.
**The vegan food vendor! So tasty! Gotta have sustenance!!!
**Speaking alongside my fellow members of the Bloggersphere during the blog panel
**Being interviewed by the Houston Chronicle (and having to explain to her that pesky Cassidy vs. Cassadie situation)

As always, a lot of what I took away from this event was the style inspiration from other attendees. When people go to a hair show, they go all in on making their hair look good! As a result, I saw some truly dope styles and trends on the show floor. I’ll be going through a trend wrap-up tomorrow, but for now I wanted to share with you some snaps of the show in the full gallery.

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  1. great pics!! i love these shin digs where an array of curls get together for a good time :) i need to start traveling for these events myself!! glad yall had a good time.

  2. Awesome recap, Cassidy! It was great finally meeting you in person!

  3. It looks like a ton of fun:)

  4. Great Pics! Love to see you all working it together!

  5. beautiful pictures!

  6. I love love the style on image #6… How did she do that?

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  8. I love the style in image #50.

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