Lola Be Damned. Lola Be Faded.

So the Nzuri show was great and I’ve got hundreds of pictures and vids to edit and organize, but first things first: LOLA HAS A NEW LOOK.

So here’s how this all went down. I’ve had Damn envy for months since meeting the Damn ladies in February. A couple weeks ago I facebooked Mushiya (founder and owner of the Damn Salon) with this message:

Mushiya. I’m inspired. it involves me, you, and a pair of clippers. call me.

We chatted eventually she got on my Damn vision train. Upon my arrival in Houston I immediately went to get Damned to the tune of Urban Twists and added a streak of honey blonde to the front for a pop of Damn color. Loved it. Here’s a vid on how that turned out!

But this was only part of my vision. What I REALLY wanted, was a Damn Fade. Yes that’s right Damn Urban Twists + A Fade = THE NEW ME. I ended up finding an accommodating stylist named Faruq of Knatty Headz Natural Hair Studio (who happened to be an exhibitor at the Nzuri show) to also get on board with Operation Damn Fade. So at about 13:45 (we speak in military times when it comes to such serious missions) I sat in a Knatty styling chair in the middle of the Nzuri show with the Damn girls by my side and magic happened. It was pretty Damn epic so good thing we caught it all on film!

Yessssss…..I am TRULY loving it! As you can see it was quite an epic Sunday!

The irony is that last Monday I featured Chescaleigh’s faux-shave tutorial for those who didn’t want the commitment, but what no one really knew is that the Damn Fade was already well underway by the time that went up. My last cut grew out quite quickly and I actually had wanted it more dramatic with the short side being even shorter. So once the Damn Urban Twists are out, I’ll have everything evened out and where I want them to be! Here are a few stills of the Damn Fade. Enjoy!

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  1. H-O-T!!! You totally work this look Cassidy!

  2. I am not quite sold on the urban twist:) but I love the fade, Cant wait to see what it looks like when you take the twists out.

  3. I loved your damn do. Didn’t really get a chance to talk to you at the hair show. You were moving at warp speed around that place! Glad you enjoyed your visit and you got a fierce damn do to boot.

  4. That new do is Damn Hot and I see hints of your new tattoo on your left forearm, but cannot make out the design.

  5. CASSIDY!!!! You know I love this…I really really love this! Awesome collaboration, I’m so glad I got to watch! I managed to lose my camera sometime later that day so I don’t have the pictures, but I have some video footage. Wonderful weekend and I’m so glad I got to meet you!

  6. I (the chick with the wild blonde hair in the front), told you I thought it was faded when I saw your hair from a distance, it was cute then…but now Wow! I’m loving your hair! I like the fact you pointed out about being able to cover up if you wanted to. Glad you recorded the mission as it was going down.( For like a split second you looked a lil’ nervous, around the time Ephinae stated that it was intense lol.) You make me want to go find Faruq and get a little faded as well…to be continued.

    P.s. Dava hooked me up with the damn Natural hair Care System so I could do my whole head lol If you are interested in the results, let me know. @PoeticPursuit

  7. I love it! Can’t wait to see how it looks with your cut. My sisters has long sisterlocks and shaved one half of hers. When she’s at work she lets the hair cover the shaved part. When she is one her own time, she flips it over.

  8. Cassidy. Cassidy. Cassidy. Keeping it fresh. I like!!!

  9. HAWT!! DAMN you are rocking that! I love it!

  10. Go ahead are doing the DAMN thing, get gurl ;-) loves it

  11. You are so brave. I love the cut. Can’t wait to see what you do next with your hair.

  12. Cass, you are crazy.. I love it. Keep it up!

    Poor Lola, having to deal with all of your experiments.

  13. You are the cutest!!!

  14. WERK!!! Lola is seriously the fiercest on the block…love it!!

  15. OMG Cass you are Lola look TOO FIERCE! Love the Damn Fade on you. I love how you are really growing into your style too, the lippie in the vid (with Faruq cutting your hair) is amazing. Own it!

  16. Glad you were able to find a barber. Loving Lola’s new look! I will live vicariously through you when it comes to hairstyles ’cause I am chicken ;).

  17. OMG I love it so much Cassidy. I love how your not afraid to be adventurous with your hair. The fade, corrections.. the DAMN Fade looks so good on you :-). Enjoy it!!!!

  18. You are a BRAVE woman, and I love the style. It’s funky and fun.

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  20. It looks great. Glad you found someone to do. A bold look for such a bold lady!!!

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