Had to take a short break from Loc Week to talk HAIR SHOW! Had to. Last one of the YEAR! So I’ve been down here in Texas for the past week and a half and frankly—-IT’S FREEZING!!! Considering the last time I was here it didn’t dip beneath 95, I didn’t know Texas had freezing in it, but apparently it does. That said, Lola is much more used to the cold than the heat so she’s been faring alright. Great stuff has been happening here in Austin though from the NC.com headquarters. We’re in the midst of planning a GREAT event—our most spectacular yet— and there’s a lot of other good curly-dom on the horizon.

In other news, I got a new tattoo. Special gift to the first person to spot it in a pic or video and leave a note in the comments about it! Hint: it’s awesome.

Tomorrow begins the Nzuri Natural Hair Show and I’m getting all jazzed to dip my toes into the world-o-expo! As I said, it’s the last one of the year and is bound to be a good time. I’m going to be paying close attention to the workshops as there’s a lot to learn and soak in at this particular show. I’ve given away 5 pairs of tickets and I can’t wait to meet the winners so see you there and stay tuned for coverage!

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  1. Yay, I won tix. Thanks So excited! Can’t wait to see Lola in all her asymetrical glory.

  2. I won tix too!! So excited!! yayayay!

  3. I looooveeee you Damn Hair, but as a tattoo aficionado I LOOOOOVEEE that you got a tat!…. hmmm, after studying your most recent vid post on fb (and trying hard not to be distracted by your pretty strands) i think I saw a flash of a butterfly tat!? am i right?!!! :D

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