Loc Week: Help a Loc’ed Sister Out!

Specifically my 9-year old sister Skya. Skya JUST hit her one year loc-i-versary (yayyyyyyy! wooo! get it Sky!!!) and she’s come a long long way since she first started her locs last November.



THEN (November 2010)


THEN (November 2010)



It’s really amazing how much her locs have grown in the past year!  She started them as braids, but they’ve really beefed up and…well…loc’ed and its absolutely gorgeous!!

Thing is, she’s kind of hit that in-between phase where her locs are too long to stay out of her face and too short to pull it back. So I thought I’d write on her behalf to ask **YOU** my darling naturalistas if you have any suggestions for my sister. I’ve got a few thoughts myself, but it takes a village and you are all brilliantly creative with your styling!

A few things to keep in mind with your suggestions:

  • She’s got a super active lifestyle with a lot of sports going on after school
  • She’s nine (just turned!) and so it’s gotta be 3rd grade appropriate
  • It would be GREAT if she could do it herself
  • She got locs because she doesn’t love to have her hair done every single day (a.k.a. the style needs to last)
But here’s a bit from Skya in her own words:

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!!
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  1. Colorful, playful loc socs and scarves. She can use them as wide headbands, watch YouTube tutorials on how to make cute shapes and knots with them… sky is the limit.

  2. And I thought she was talked into locs by her big sister!!!!

  3. Hi! My sister sent me the link to your blog for Loc Week – this is my first time perusing.

    I am in that in between phase right now myself at 1yr + 8 months. A month ago I started braiding mine together…and that’s my suggestion. Just grab and braid, and secure with those tiny rubber bands. While in the braids you can pin it up/back/whatever…just style it for the day. Then after a few days or week undo the braids and wear a braidout.

    I’m not much of a styler and I don’t like to mess with my locs much either and I find that this makes it super easy for me to get up and go during the week (save the time spent to pin it a certain way for the day). Then if I got something to do on the weekend I let it out and rock the braidout.

    This has also helped me to prolong time between re-twists : )

  4. Headbands. You can buy the stretchy ones in bundles or you can sew your own with cloth and elastic. There are lots of simple patterns online. I made myself several with African patterned fabrics. A quarter yard will make two so for the price of one yard of fabric and some elastic you can make a bunch. A quilting store will have great fabric choices and won’t balk at selling you small fractions of a yard.

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