Loc Week: Zue’s Fuchsia Hues (and violet and blonde)

I met Zue a couple weeks ago while in Seattle for the EcoGlamour event and swooned over her fuchsia, purple, and blond locs cut into a striking style. The blogger in me immediately began snapping pics and asking questions and it turns out that Miss Zue is a stylist herself! I asked her to share with us some of her expertise in coloring and how she created this unique and distinctive style!


Cassidy: In a word, your locs are totally awesome. Love the colors. How did you decide on this color scheme?

Zue: Thanks! Well, this decision was based on fun. I was ready for something bold and bright to contrast against Seattle’s fall weather.

Cassidy: Is this your first time coloring your locs? What other colors have you done?

Zue: Oh gosh! No this is not my first time coloring my locs, I’ve spanned the spectrum! I love change and coloring is a great way to get a new look. If I had to choose then some of my favorites to include would be the mocha browns, ash blondes, and rich coppers.

Cassidy: What was the process for getting such a saturated color?

Zue: When coloring mature locs you want to make sure you start with a bit of moisture in the hair, dont skimp on color as full saturation is key. Making sure the color reaches the core of the Loc is important. As always try to keep your Locs lint free (depending on the fabric it may not color) and refrain from using heavy products like waxes that don’t rinse from your hair easily, color may not be able to break through the build up. Remember to condition prior, during, and after.

Cassidy: The age old question: should you color at home or go to a salon?

Zue: Thank you for asking this. Please leave color to the professionals! Coloring is a chemical service. Paying in the beginning will guarantee you getting the desired color and may save u a pricey correction in the end. Your colorist can specialize a formula made specifically for your hair and its needs, and will have a record of your formula history. Which is imperative if you want to make changes in the future.

For more information on how to connect with Zue at the Good Hair Salon, check out these links:


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  1. I love, love, love it!!!!!!!!! In my El DeBarge vioce, you wear it well!!!!!! Lol
    Love It

  2. thank you SO SO MUCH for this post. I regularly tell my readers to get their color done by a professional. i colored my own hair years ago and ended up with a lot of breakage. fortunately I only dyed a few random locs here and there so it’s not noticeable, but it was still upsetting

  3. I’ll definitely be making an appointment at the salon for my birthday. It’s five months from now and Seattle’s a flight away but this color is THAT inspiring! Great catch Cassidy!

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