I cut hair way more often than I should…

…especially considering I’m not a professional stylist.  Most recently it was my friend and local entertainer Lloyd‘s blonde wig who is in a David Bowie cover band and wanted something more “edgy” and funkdafied for the stage.

Lloyd before the cut

Lloyd on stage with the groovy new do


I really try to avoid cutting non-wig hair because I don’t want to mess it up and wind up having a hateful friend with a hack-job, so I try to turn people down as much as possible.  But what was I supposed to do this time?!  She’s my Nana and she asked me to give her a cut!  “Come on, Cass…you can do it!”, she encouraged, “Come onnnn…it’s just a cut!  You see cuts all the time.”  Real talk, Nana, real talk. I took a look at Nana’s locs (which, in fact, were quite long) and remembered the time when she came to visit and got her self an awesome asymmetrical cut (see where I get it from?).

Nana with her asymmetrical cut in 2009


Nana's locs about a month ago

Well, I didn’t feel like shutting down my Nana nor did I want to deny her the awesome of asymmetrical so I did what any normal gal would do: got a chair and a scissors and sat her down in the middle of my bedroom floor!

I started on the left side and clipped her hair to about her shoulder and gradually cut shorter as we went to the back keeping it short all along the right side.  It was like asymmetrical haircut meets the hatchback— basically my cut in locs (hey–it’s what I know best right now!)  After evening out the final few snips, I let Nana put on her glasses and check it out for herself in the mirror.

“Ooh!  I like it!” she exclaimed as I let out a huge sigh of relief.

I will admit that it turned out pretty nicely.  Although if I had my druthers (a.k.a. a cosmetology license) I would have cut the locs more angular and made it more dramatic.  Who knows!  Maybe someday!  Anywho— here are some snaps of the cut!


Business in the back, party in the front!



It’s also a really cool style when she flips it over to one side because it gives it this edgy bob sort of look.  I dig it.  And so does Nana and that’s what’s important.

In the next couple weeks we’re going to be seeing lots more loc content on Natural Selection because  we gotta give love to our loc’in friends (And Nanas.  And aunts.  And sisters.)

Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. I can relate! I have a friend who will only let me cut her hair. I should make people sign a release….just in case….

  2. I LOVE IT! You did a great job and your nana is the cutest. I hear you on not having friends hate you after you cut off too much hair. You fought your fear and won! yipee…happy weekend to you also. Btw I still have a letter I have to finish to you, I have not forgotten you. I have an appt. with Marie next Saturday! I’m supa dupa excited about it!!!!!!!! TTFN

  3. she’s rockin it well! love older women with locs

  4. I did the BC for my mom and a friend of mine.. was nervous about them both. Friend is a control freak and I knew would blame me for a minute… LOL So I didn’t cut much in the beginning but then the friend kept saying to cut more b/c it wasn’t curling at the end.. she LOVED the coils that were closer to the roots, so I had to explain cuttingoff all the straight ends… she is soooo in love with her hair.. well they both are… So I definitely feel you though.

  5. Hey CASS
    Thanks again. My hair is looking better every day. I’m very pleased. Will send you updates as it grows. Love you CASS, be safe!

  6. Cass once my wig grows back out after your latest cut will you help me dread it?



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