Birchbox: sending beauty samples straight to my door!

My game is on pretty damn tight when it comes to knowing about the latest and greatest in hair products, but I often feel as though there’s a greater world of beauty products that I haven’t even dipped my toes into— but would love to! Enter: Birchbox. A subscription service that sends you a goodie kit of awesome new samples to try each month. I heard about this service awhile back, but last week I finally happened upon their site to check things out. For $10 a month, I couldn’t resist at least *trying* it out.

Once I signed up, Birchbox asks you to fill out your “Beauty Profile” to see what sort of things you’d most appreciate in your monthly delivery. Things like:

  • Are you adventurous?  (yes.)
  • Your ethnicity (African-American)
  • Your skin concerns (acne, sun protection)
  • Your product splurge (perfume and makeup!)
I also let them know that I really enjoy/prefer all-natural and organic products whenever possible (and appreciated that that was suggested on the Beauty Profile!)
Then I hit save, entered the ol’ cc#…..and waited.  I arrived home from Seattle to find my very first Birchbox waiting for me, only about a week after I first ordered it.
I opened the box to a note from the Birchbox team explaining each of the samples, which were hidden beneath wrapped in pink tissue paper.  In the box I received:
  • A hair oil by Kerastase
  • A lengthening mascara by Anastasia
  • An all-natural night cream by Befine
  • A whitening toothpaste by Supersmile
  • A hair tie by Alex and Isabelle
So I absolutely cannot use the hair tie since, well, I don’t have that much hair to tie up!  But its the season of giving and I can certainly give that one right away!  Or it could make a cute keychain for the gym….
Anywho, I am particularly excited about the Anastasia mascara.  Mascara is what I truly believe is the most fundamental of make up products and I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in that department.  What is cool though, is that Madeline of MadAboutBrows– my delightful eyebrow guru– trained with Anastasia and has previously introduced me to her brow products, which I loved.  So I’m particularly excited to try that one out.
I already broke into the toothpaste, which is fine, but is flavored “Mandarin Mint” which is…not great.  I don’t love orange flavored things and minty orange is just a bit much to handle.  The night cream however, I also tried and it feels great!  I took a little peek into this Befine company and it’s all food-based products so I’m actually interested in learning more about this company and the rest of the line!
Part of the deal is that if you DO like anything in the box, you can order them free of shipping from the site and everything you order gets you points so you can earn free ish.  Pretty cool to know that there’s an easy way to get something if I like it!
From my perspective, the box has already served its purpose— I’m discovering new things and testing out exciting products as well as have a tiny gift to share with a friend!  It’s pretty great that I don’t have to do a lot of the sleuthing and these products have already been selected for their awesomeness, so  I’m excited to see what it keeps on delivering!  They also have a Birchbox for men if you know someone with a Y-chromosome who would be interested in this sort of thing.    Stay tuned and if you’re interested, check it out and try it out for yourself!
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