Nzuri Natural Hair Hair Show— I’M THERE– are you??

Just thought I’d squeeze in one last hair event into 2011 and I think we’re really going out with a bang on this one! December 10th and 11th, hundreds will pour into the Reliant Center in Houston for the two day educational expo experience and I plan on being right in the thick of it!


According to the website, this is an event geared to “educate, inspire and empower” natural veterans and newbies alike. I’m really looking forward to the following:

  • Little Miss “Happy” Headed Beauty Pageant – little curlies kiddos!?!?  omg, it’s going to be #socute
  • Natural Hair Stylist Showcase – I can’t wait to check out the handiwork of stylists up close and personally
  • BeautifulBrwnBabyDol’s workshop on yarn braids – I eyed a great set of these while in the USVI and have been curious ever since as to how these are done and their benefits for natural hair
  • Blogger Q&A – I’ll be on it and you know I like chatting it up with attendees
  • Shopping shopping shopping – what’s an expo without being able to get your PJ on!?  And who knows, maybe I’ll be able to hook up a suh-weet giveaway pack like I did from Koils By Nature presents Natural is Not a Fad
  •  REUNION – Looks like a lot of the posse from NINAF in DC will be at this show (KBN, The Damn Salon, Aevin and Sarah Dugas), not to mention Miss Felicia Leatherwood (hosting her workshop!) so it will be great to see these friendly faces before the year closes out!
I’ll be doing some ticket giveaways here and on YT, Twitter, and FB in the coming weeks so stay tuned!
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