Oh THAT?? Just a little facelift + new galleries!

There’s a few housekeeping projects I’ve been meaning to tend to over here on Natural Selection and FINALLY oh joyous joy FINALLY I found the time and space to tackle them!  Now, I am just feeling like a zillion dollars not just because I did the damn thing, but also because it means for better (not to mention more fun) Natural Selection for you!!

A Natural Makeover

First off, there’s that shiny new header up yonder.  The old header was great, but I always found it funny that the hair you could see in the picture was of a twist out.  And I never wear twists outs (read: I’m lazy!).  It just happened to be one of the best pictures I could find of myself at the time.  Been meaning to change that for a hot minute, but I got attached.

The old banner...just to jog your memory

But now, over a year later, I’ve got like 2.7 gazillion photos of me not to mention Lola’s changed a lot so I decided to go with a suite of pictures that more adequately represents who we are.  Interestingly enough, all four of those pictures are taken over the past four months in different locales I’ve traveled to.  Points to anyone who can guess where they were taken (hint: none were in SF or Austin).

I’m digging the new look.  I think it’s sexy.  And also that it looks like a stylish slap bracelet.  I love those.

Feast your eyes!

Speaking of pictures, I have about 8.9 gazillion of OTHER people from all of my adventures as well.  Often they get lost and buried in old posts and it’s very sad because I took them to share with you.  Up above the header you’ll see a tab called “Galleries” and in there you’ll find a buncha different galleries filled with all sorts of pictures.  Ok, so maybe they’re not totally filled quite yet, but it’s my hope that they will be.

Submit Your Snaps

I am absolutely open to taking submissions if you have a particularly drool-worthy style you’d like to have permanently enshrined up there, drop em in an email and send it on over to cassidy {at} naturalselectionblog {dot} com.  You’ll be appropriately credited and if you’re just sending me something super awesome that you found on the interweb, then I ask kindly that you can send me the source link so I can make sure credit is given where credit is due!

I’m very much into developing my photography skills these days and even have a workshop lined up next week with the goal of getting better and better at taking great hair shots!

Just a little taste of where my hairspiration is at these days!  More to come soon!


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  1. clicks “like”! :) Like that you are changing with the times!

  2. You took one is the Virgin Islands! I remember that style. I will be sure to send pics along too

  3. Hey CASS
    I love the new and improved look of the blog
    it reminds of your hair and why I read 5 days a week

  4. I love the new banner…I think it changed while I was browsing ;) Love it!

  5. Ok, I know some of them. I’ll guess the Virgin Islands, D.C., and New York.

  6. Love the new video.
    Can’t wait to hear about how it all turned out :)

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