Buh Bye Lola!

Don’t get so worried! It was just for the Halloween celebrations! I am absolutely not at all shy about how much I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Costumes and dressing up are 100% up my alley, so it’s fitting that I live in a place where the beat of the universe matches the soul of the city for this holiday. Read: ish gets weird around here!

Halloween usually lasts multiple days in San Francisco, so one must plan a costume for at least two days. This year I set my sights on two costumes in particular:

Yung Humma of Turquoise Jeep Records/Lemme Smang It fame


Icelandic superstar Bjork featuring her famous “Swan Dress”



Yeah, ok I know they’re almost complete opposites, but both of these costumes have one great feature in common: straight black hair. So on Saturday I set out to find the perfect wig to carry me through the weekend. I found and snagged a wig at a great price at the local beauty supply store. I ended up having everything I needed already for the Bjork costume, but went out to buy a few things, such as a pair of 38″ jeans for Yung Humma.

I was actually kind of unnerved at how well I ended up pulling off the Yung Humma costume, after all, it’s not every day you put on a long wig to dress like a man. But I think it was the painted on facial hair that really lent itself to the success of this costume.

As a gal who loves all things tutu-related I fell right back into my element with the Bjork costume in which I got to rock one of my most prized possessions: my enormous white tutu. Simple clean make-up and a pure white fluff made this a great option for passing out candy to the little ones!

It was a delight to see awesomely dressed up parents as well as little curlies who are rocking their natural hair without a care in the world other than a Kit Kat bar!

Lola is getting a nice, big deep conditioning today…she really deserves it after all the travel and costuming. She didn’t love being stuffed into a wig cap, and craved tons of moisture upon removal. All in all– a great Halloween weekend here in SF. Already stressing about what I should be next year!!!

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  1. *dies* at Young Humma costume.

    A MESSSSSS…..!!!! LOL! Great job! Glad you had fun! :)

  2. The young humma costume was crazy. I love it. The bjork one was beautiful. I gasped when I first saw your pic on fb, I was like wearing lola lol.

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