Allow Me to [Re]introduce Myself

My name is HOV!  H to the O-V!

Kidding, I’ve been in a very Jay-Z mood these days.  That’s what that title always has and always will remind me of. Black Album– #love.  AnyWHO moving on

So when I first started this blog, I was into the whole “anonymity on the internet” thang (per my Grandmother’s suggestion of how to avoid stalkers) so I did what any normal gal would do: create a fake name and blog under it!  I did a mediocre job of it because  I just blended my first and middle names together to create the name “Cassadie” which is basically the same as my given name, just three letters different.

But, that was two years ago.  Things have changed and the whole Cassadie thing has gotten a bit confusing, not just for me, but maybe for you too!  I get emails all the time apologizing for people misspelling my name.  Tickets have been purchased with an incorrect name on it.  My business cards say one thing, my blog says another.  And I find myself a little too frequently having to explaining the name change.

The reality is that over the 2 years of blogging, this whole “anonymity” thing has gone out the window.

You’ve met my family.  You’ve experienced me reuniting with my family.  You’ve traveled with me (lots of places!).  You’ve watched me do my hair before going to bed.  All of this stuff is pretty damn intimate so there’s really no point in not blogging as 100% me: Cassidy.

With lots and lots and lots of Lola of course!

As I said, it’s not much of a difference between my nom de plume (Cassadie) or my real name (Cassidy).  But around here and on emails and such you’ll be seeing Cassidy from here on out.  Either way, what isn’t changing is the supercool meaning of BOTH names: curly-headed.  Shame I tried to escape what I was born into for so long….



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  1. How funny you write this. During Natural is Not a Fad, I kept thinking why is everyone misspelling her name. I kept saying to myself, I will make sure I spell it correctly when mentioning you on Twitter,, etc. Now I have to correct myself, LOL.

    Have a great one!

  2. Nice to meet you!

  3. nice to meet you Cassidy:)

  4. Glad to be of acquaintance!

  5. The nice thing about life is that it always brings us back to who we really are. I have always referred to you as

  6. Cassidy, I totally understand you. I created the name KeeKeeAllNatural to have a name to use for on line…I am often called KeeKee for short. But when I go out in public, I tell people my real name and then they get confused. I may have to reintroduce myself to the world. lol

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