Thru a Curly Guy’s Eyes: Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Nectar Review

Dearest readers, I’d like to make a very special introduction today. Please meet Avery, Avery meet everyone! I’ve been doing some thinking about how the #naturalhair blog world is dominated by women. But it’s not like there aren’t curly guys out there using curly products or curly guys who need some hair product advice! I think the menfolk should be represented around these parts too! So dearest Avery is going to be doing some product reviews and blogging and such over here on Natural Selection. Please give him a warm welcome!!

Avery and I at an event in Austin last week...where this whole series was born!

Let me go ahead and set the scene. It’s 12:40 AM Saturday morning (Friday night if you will) and I have finally set my sights on leaving the house. Today has been an orgy of junk food, television, varying degrees of success with internet flirting, and bedroom dancing, it’s time to hit the shower and the town.

Great we’re pumped and ready to go! We’re ready for hair. Now at the moment I don’t have too much hair so my natural curls have settled into waves and if I’m lucky (and using the CORRECT product) I will achieve a simply gorgeous curly-cue spit curl right at the center of my forehead accenting my ever so slight widows peak and paying homage to the man of steel himself (not that I read superman, I’m a Marvel kinda guy all the way…well unless you want to get into some of the better Batman eras…oh and the DC Vertigo imprint, OK ENOUGH this is not the Avery nerd out blog…it’s the Avery reviews hair care products for his natural, and dare I say handsome, curls).

Back to the bathroom sink…..where we are giving Hair nectar by Karen’s Body Beautiful, described on the bottle as “A light leave-in conditioner formulated for medium thick curly textures (that’s me, you guys!), Hair Nectar defines your curls, restores and renews your hair.” The bottle contains the fairly benign ingredients of purified water (uh huh), vegetable glycerin (I can dig it), vegetable wax (sure why not?), jojoba and grapeseed oils (charmed I’m SO sure), yucca (delicious!), horsetail (I don’t pretend to know), nettle and Melisa extracts (who’s this Melisa and what are her extracts doing in my conditioner?), essential and/or fragrance oils (unnecessary), natural enzymes (OH! I like those!), Panthenol and Vitamin E (I always worry about vitamin E…the jury is still out on if this oil does much good for a body, in fact some say it does more harm).

I let my hair get to that PERFECT amount of shower wet/towel dry…you know…damp…ready for product application. Now here is something, I can’t get the little product pump to come up. I yank on it for a few minutes but at 6’5” 230 I tend to get a little “Lenny” on things and I don’t wanna make this bottle the “Curley’s Wife” of the evening so to speak… I finally settle on unscrewing the whole thing and flicking some product into my hands. I am not in love with the smell but I am someone who thinks fragrance has no place in my hair care, deodorants, soaps, and various beauty products. No those scents should be neutral and then I can smell like me with a tiny splash of the chosen cologne of the evening. All this aside after a little more air dry time the product is doing exactly what it said it would do on the bottle. Hair is feeling conditioned and not just slippery on the top, deep in there soft and conditioned, and curls are starting to POP. Well done Karen, great work Melisa! This product is just a curly leave-in conditioner so it has no holding properties, I finish the look with a small amount of wax rubbed warm in my palms and polish the top of my hair with it.

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  1. Too funny! I think he’s a keeper!!

  2. Way cool. Great idea to include the male perspective. You should try to document (and encourage) Mike with a more appropriate hair regimen.

  3. *Dies laughing at Melissa*

    I can already see I’m going to love Avery’s series.

  4. He is awesome, funny, and adorable. And his curls/waves are on point. Looking forward to more!

  5. Avery is such a male version of ME, lol. hmmm we may just be twins!! now since he has “handsome” curls i’ll call mine “vivacious” ;) i haven’t purchased karen since she switched to the new bottles cuz although she claims she didnt change the formula, the new butter isnt like MY old butter. i tried my girl’s conditioning poo which i LOVE and i didnt like it :( its just NOT like the older version so now im tryin to hold on to the last half of my “vintage” kbb cond poo bottle cuz im not re-ordering that crap!! **sigh**

    i do love her dc mask and hopefully that hasnt changed either!

  6. My hair is naturally curly and a little dry, so a leave-in spray is practically a necessity. Shielo Antioxidant Leave in Spray was the first leave-in spray I ever had good results with. I’ve tried many other brands from stores and salons, but none so far have given as much non-greasy shine, plus moderate frizz control, as the Shielo Leave-In Spray. It’s very light, so you can use a little or a lot depending on your hair, and it doesn’t leave a “waxy” feeling like some other leave-in’s can. I know some people with kind of oily hair who don’t like this product, but it’s fantastic for my hair type!

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