#naturalhair event in our Nation’s Capital NEXT WEEKEND (+ticket giveaway!)


Next weekend I’m shipping off to Washington DC for “Natural is Not a Fad” presented by Koils by Nature.  This day-long event will feature workshops including:

  • Makeovers and makeup tips by Lamik Beauty
  • Education on Environmental Health by Katina the Eco-Green Queen
  • Natural Hair & Fashion Show by Jennifer Lord
  • Nutritional information provided by Joy Diggs
  • Zumba Fitness Party with Sharnia Murray
  • annnnnnnnd Blogger Discussion Panel and Q & A Session  Jameka of Pretty Natural Divas, Jennifer Lord of Naturally Me Salon and Pamela S. Jenkins of Koils by Nature, AND ME!!!! 
In addition, The Guinness World Record owner of the world’s largest natural afro – Miss Aevin Dugas– will be making her exclusive US debut at this event— I totally can’t wait to meet her and see her hair in all of her glory!
I am 100% behind the message of this event—natural hair is NOT a fad and is here to stay.  I’ve waxed poetic about this topic before and believe that natural hair is not about a trend or a hairstyle, but a complete revolution in lifestyle.  I’m truly looking forward to spending the weekend with DC naturals and celebrating the lifestyle that IS natural hair.
If you’re in the area and want to get in on the action, here are the deets:
Saturday October 15th
11:00am – 7:00pm
National Harbor Westin Hotel

171 Waterfront Street
Oxon Hill, MD
Tickets Prices:
$20 Advance (1st 100 guaranteed swag bag) – $25 at the Door
I’ve got 2—TWO—pairs of tickets to giveaway for the event!  In order to win make sure to:
I’ll pick two winners at random a week from now (next Tuesday)!
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  1. Hi! I can’t enter the giveaway due to me having a sorority chapter meeting that day (yes, I have a big pouty face on that), but I still wanted to write my answer!!!! :) So if you pull my name, just throw it out and generate again …lol

    I don’t think natural hair is a fad simply because in the past, the ONLY reason I think many women of colour have not embraced the naturalness that is their hair is because there were not many outlets that showcased that their IS a different kind of hair underneath that our relaxers/texturizers (our REAL hair), and it IS manageable, and it CAN grow. Nowadays, there are TONS of sources that show that not only are relaxers potentially harmful and damaging to the hair, but the alternative is more versatile, healthy, strong, (the list could on), than relaxed hair can EVER be. :)

    (btw, the hyperlink to your blog is mispelled – it’s missing the ‘i’ in ‘selection’)

  2. I know that natural hair is not a fad, it is indeed a new lifestyle for many curlies of young and old. I have been living this lifestyle and can’t remember life before my curls. I have recruited others who were afraid and now are armed with an arsenal of information on you tube , blogs, etc and we know know – yes we can rock our natural hair. We rock it at home as well as the workplace! Not a fad but indeed our new lifestyle. BTW, I know even have a sorority of sistas supporting me! ;)

  3. woo hoo i will be there :)

    natural is definitely not a fad but a rejuvenating lifestyle that can change u from the outside-in, lol.

  4. Natural hair is surely NOT a fad….at least not for me. In my opinion, natural hair is really about learning to really accept and love the true person beneath the kinks, coils and curls. True self acceptance is often difficult but rocking natural hair and embracing our curls leads us all one step closer to that destiny to embracing our ethnicity, sometimes even without much love and support from others. For me, natural hair is a true journey with tons of highs and lows that will really never end but only helps us to grow stronger.

  5. Natural hair is not a fad; it’s a new mind frame, it’s hard work and it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not for the weak, not for those that are worried about how the rest of the world will view THEM and their hair. I’ve learned so much on my natural journey about me and my hair and all of my coils and kinks are here to stay!

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  7. I know that natural hair is not a fad. Being natural is not just temporary for me. When I decided to make this big step I decided to let go of creamy crack permanently for the sake of my scalp and hair loss. It isn’t the thought of being popular or just doing it to fit in the crowd for me. I enjoy all the support from people that have gone natural but this wasn’t the reason why I went natural. Natural hair is not a fad and I would love to attend this event to find out more reasons why it isn’t.

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