“THE CASSIDY GUARANTEE” caught on vid.

So glad to hear that I was issuing “guarantees” on video at the CurlyNikki/Kim Coles LA event where I filmed a little video for the NaturallyCurly.com Curl Stories from the Street series. The guarantee in question is that YOU WILL LOVE YOUR NATURAL HAIR! Tell me—- am I right or am I right?? Do you love your natural hair? I’ve guaranteed it, so if you disagree, please pipe up! We should talk! (I’m serious! Email me! I want to support your journey!)

Check out my video to hear my Curl Story! (Also– I’m fascinated that my purple gloss + purple liner = purple eyes! RIGHT!?)

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  1. You said it, sister! I tell people all the time that I wish I’d gone natural sooner. Hopefully, we are paving the way for a new generation of girls who loooove and celebrate their natural hair. That’s my dream!

  2. I share your sentiment! I wish I would have done this years ago. However, now is the perfect time to go natural. I don’t think I would have been so successful if not for this blog, CurlyNikki, ThankGodI’mNatural, etc. I love sharing this experience with my 5 yr old daughter. My husband has jumped on board and we are making sure she loves her natural hair!
    Cassidy, what brand of gloss and lip liner are you wearing? It’s fab!

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