Open letter to TypeF about their misguided and dangerous natural hair videos

Dear TypeF—


A friend sent me one of your recently launched videos by stylist JoAnn Robertson on how to style and care for natural hair.  The first video I watched “How To Lay Your Afro Down” was pretty innocuous at first, but then the stylist-vlogger whipped out a paddle brush to “smooth” her hair and I cringed as I watched her brush the surface of her dry, kinky hair.  


Because one of the most basic practices of quality natural hair care is that the detangling and smoothing of natural hair should be done with extreme care, using a specific type of tool (preferably a wide tooth comb or a specific type of brush), on well moisturized hair so as not to break and damage the hair.

Highly textured natural hair needs to be treated with with particular attention in an effort to minimize any potential damage.  Unfortunately your videos preach the exact opposite.  I know this because I just sat at watched many of them on both on your YouTube channel and your TypeF website.  I sat in absolute shock as I watched your stylist put direct heat on her hair with a curling iron for a recommended “60-seconds”, use a fine-tooth comb to tease her hair to cover up a “noticeable part”, and completely ignore all fundamental mention of moisturizers, conditioners, and protecting the integrity of natural hair.

As a hair blogger and vlogger, I spend a lot of my personal time dedicated towards educating people about natural hair care, specifically QUALITY natural hair practices.  Unfortunately your video series on “afro hair” -featuring a stylist who has obvious hair damage to begin with along her edges, which is likely caused by longterm wearing of weaves, braids, and wigs- is seriously misguided in providing quality education to a growing community.  What is more is that your videos could actually be extremely detrimental to those attempting to learn about natural hair care because many of the practices demonstrated in them could cause serious, irreparable damage to the hair.

I strongly suggest you to pull the videos, educate yourselves about quality natural hair care, and re-shoot the series. There is a wonderfully wide world of high quality natural hair stylists, practiontioners, and manufacturers who could help you.  I would personally be happy to connect and guide you to key individuals in the natural hair community who could assist you in creating a quality production.



Founder + Editor


If you want to encourage TypeF to REMOVE-RESHOOT-REPOST these natural hair videos copy and paste the below text to the TypeF Youtube Channel!

REMOVE your afro hair videos -RESHOOT the videos with quality content – REPOST the new vids and ensure that the #naturalhair community is as healthy as it can be!

Better yet— leave your own comment if you feel so inspired that lets TypeF that we deserve better content and know they can deliver!

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  1. You already know I cosign.

  2. Am definitely agreeing with this letter. Ridiculous!

  3. PREACH! Clearly Type F isn’t familiar with the do’s and don’ts of natural hair.

  4. *raises hands in air and claps*
    Completely agree on all levels.

  5. I absolutely agree!

    If you are a professional, you should already know (at least) natural hair 101.

    For us non-professionals, the natural hair care process can be SO freakin’ complex …you can’t just wash-whip-&-wear! But we put in the work & do our research

    • I REALLY thought that this was some kind of joke. She cannot be serious. And, what’s up with the end product? Just awful.

    • Haha I used to do wash and go’s with conditioners and my hair still looked a 100% better than that woman.. She really needs a lesson on moisturizing properly, her dry hair made me cringe.

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  7. Well said! I was completely offended by the whole series.

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  9. Those videos are an embarrassment and need to be removed ASAP so that new naturals don’t suffer any damage from the misinformation. SMDH.

  10. I have no words to express what I’m feeling about these videos. However I will say that I believe this woman, JoAnn Robertson, who claims to be a ‘licensed hairstylist’ is either A) an actress B)crazy C) Wanted by the FBI for stealing the REAL JoAnn Robertson’s identity and perpetrating as a licensed hairstylist or D) All of the above

    I say the answer is ‘D’

    Come on tyra, how did you let that one through?!?!

  11. Wow – I’m all late – but I didn’t know TypeF was launched by Tyra :o( Well I’m thankful “my” natural hair community is on top of this!

  12. Is Ms. Robertson serious? Does she really believe in the hair care techniques she is promoting in these videos? I don’t see how she can do these videos with a straight face. I hope that someone who is newly natural don’t come across these videos and decide to use her advice.

  13. Also, Tyra’s team has truly embarrassed her. They should really make sure that they do their research to be sure they are enlisting the right professionals to present the good tips. Even if her team knew nothing about hair, the presentation of her hair tells it all so why would you move forward and approve these videos…… hopefully they will see the error and remove or update to include more accurate videos.

  14. Yeah, I am pretty sure her is an actress or crazy. Most videos she says she’s a hairstyles, but in another she said she was a make-up artist.

  15. Makeup Tips & Styles : Which Eye Shadows Are Recommended With a Grey Sweater? <<——-yeah, she's crazy.

  16. I cant get over the one with the blonde wig, its horrific and embarrasing.
    I know Tyra didnt see this mess and I hope she fires her whole team..
    I cannot beleive this..

  17. This is why I am terrified to go to a salon. If this woman can be licensed and on a world-famous supermodel’s website disseminating all kinds of damaging hair advice, there must be millions more in salons all over America… Being a “licensed hair stylist” doesn’t mean ish.

  18. Okay, that is a ghetto move. Number one the Afro was in fact still up. If anyone is following this ladies instructions then get ready to shave your head and start over with your natural look. To change or restyle your hair in its natural glory you need to take care in what you do.

  19. OMG. I just watched some of these videos and all I could do was stare in disbelief with my mouth wide open. This is really sad. Just because a person is a “licensed hair stylist”, it definately doesn’t mean they know who to help someone achieve and maintain healthy hair (as seen from these videos). I hope that TypeF gets the message and takes up the offer for help in making improvements. Sometimes the truth can be cruel and hard to except, but in the end will be the the best for them and those they are attempting to educate.

  20. Watching those videos reminded me of when I went to an african braiding salon to get my hair braided, they would drag a paddle brush across my dry afro and tug to get it to stretch then blast the hot blowdryer over it. Never again will I go to them……..I can’t believe that lady did that to her own hair. I know she had to be in pain and the sound of the snapping while she did it. I hope those videos get taken down.

  21. This is truly unfortunate. I visit all of the time for fashion trends, nail polish colors, etc. but THIS?? Natural hair tips that go against of the all of the useful information that the natural hair community has been sharing?? Just…wrong.

  22. I saw the video earlier in the week, but I could post the copy text. So I tried it today and the video is private. That’s proof enough that she’s aware that her methods are off. :-/

  23. This is insane, anyone who takes this woman’s advice really just doesn’t know ANY better. I swear I thought the videos were a hoax but the more I watched, the more I sadly realized they were not. Some of these videos (even the makeup video with the girl in the blonde weave, red lips and grey shadow) are insane and honestly, I would expect better quality from Tyra being a former supermodel and advocate of building positive self esteem in young girls. Shame on you Tyra!

  24. I’ve been reading about these videos for 2 days now, and I’m wavering between being horrified and laughing myself silly.

    I didn’t get to see the Joann Robertson videos, they were pulled by the time I heard about the story. But, I’ve read enough comments about their content to be horrified at what that woman did to her hair.

    I’m a hairstylist, a white hairstylist who was lucky enough to have a black instructor. I learned how to apply relaxers, how to use hot combs and marcel irons heated in an oven, how to do finger waves and wraps, but not a lot about natural hair. I’m grateful for the skills I learned, but wished I was given the opportunity to learn more about natural african-american hair. Every time I see natural hair, it’s different, unique and gorgeous.

    Anyway, some of the remaining videos regarding african american hair still make me cringe. I decided to check out some of the videos for white hair and was equally amused and horrified. NONE of these videos are really of any quality. At best they’re only ok.

    I know I’m chiming in to this situation late in the game, but the Type F website needs to seriously rethink their contract with the company that did these videos. It seems they were put up there simply to draw people in with keyword searches instead of to offer any real advice or help.

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