Kanye! Stevie! Fest-i-Curls! OH MY!!!!

This past weekend, I attended Austin City Limits – a 200,000 person music festival featuring some of the largest names in music. It was a rollicking good time to float from stage to stage to a bar to another stage and to another bar all while steeping in sunshine and live music.

View of the festival grounds with Austin skyline in the background.


Um. I also kinda cheated on NaturalSelection over the weekend and was guest blogging up a storm about the festival over on other sites.

First there’s LiveMusicBlog.com where I wrote up reviews on the Kanye West and Stevie Wonder sets. Both were AMAZING shows and were highlights of my festival experience. Check them out here:

Both of these posts come with awesome photo galleries with great shots of the artists’ performances.  Here’s a sneak preview of one of my favorite shots from the galleries:
Then over on NaturallyCurly, I did a round up of the best curls I saw in the crowd and on stage at the festival.  To see that gallery post go here:
In an effort to create a funky, festival-worthy hair style, I used a duckbill clip to pin up one half of my hair to create an asymmetrical volume.  A 10-second style?? Yes please!  I left the clip in and rocked it for a couple days.

With my friend Sarah on ACL Day 2

Then on Sunday (the 3rd day of the festival), I washed and used my Deep Leave-In and was on my way for a day of merry making at the festival complete with more music and making friends with another curly who happened to ALSO be from San Francisco! (See you back on the Left Coast, Ashleigh!)  She’s an excellent photographer who was at the festival shooting the shows and scene for NBC.  (I highly recommend you check out her galleries too!)
It’s been a good time here in Texas and I’ll be back for a quick second next week for Shear Style presented by NaturallyCurly.com.  But by the time you’re reading this, I’ll be on a jetplane down to the Virgin Islands for a few days for a very exciting #naturalhair event!  Stay tuned for updates from the Caribbean!
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  1. Hey giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl that dress you are wearing in the day 2 pic is too cute!

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