Reader Question: Using a Hooded Dryer at Home

Dwaynia writes:

As the seasons are changing and we will soon have cooler weather I’m concerned about leaving the house with wet hair.

I noticed in one of your posts that you dried your hair using a hooded dryer. What I’d like to know is if 1) you get good results with the hooded dryer 2) how often you use that method and whether you’ve noticed any adverse affects from the heat.


Thanks for writing Dwaynia!  You’re totally right, I have been using my hooded dryer a lot more these days.  I originally got my Gold’n’Hot Soft Bonnet Hooded Dryer to use for deep conditioning treatments.  Typically I had been using some sort of deep conditioner or protein treatment beneath a plastic shower cap and sitting beneath the dryer for about 20-45 minutes.  I incorporated the dryer into my regular routine because it allowed me to free up my hands so that I could do other things…like blog WHILE doing steam treatments.  I really like this version because it packs up nice and near into a convenient, self-contained system for easy storage.


I've always thought this thing makes me look like Alien, but oh well!

Typically when styling my hair, I let my coils air dry, limiting my washes to morning and early afternoon because of the 5-7 hour drying time required.  Usually this air drying leaves my hair kind of flat on top, weighed down by all of the water hanging on the tips of my coils resulting in diminished volume on top.

Then back in May, I had my hair professional shingled and rather than letting my hair air dry, stylists placed me beneath a dryer then once dry fluffed my coils up to the sky, giving me definition AND volume that I usually dont get until my day after styling  when I’m able to fluff my coilies back up.

Beneath the dryer at Madusalon


See the volume on top after using a hooded dryer?

I took this styling trick home with me and have been occasionally using my soft bonnet dryer to cut down on drying time and give my hair the opportunity to be fluffed and styled on day one!

What I usually do is style my hair as usual and then sit beneath the dryer for about 30-40 minutes until my hair is about 90% dry.  In an effort to make the drying process as easy on my hair as possible, I alternate between hot and cool settings which gives my hair a break from the heat while keeping the air circulating.  Once my hair is about 90% dry, it only take about another hour for it to dry completely and then I can use my fingers to fluff my hair as I please!

Freshly styled after using my hooded soft bonnet dryer

I only use my dryer minimally, about once every other week and nope!- I have not seen any damage from using the dryer.  As with any heat styling, as long as you do it in moderation and take precautions to make it as safe as a process as possible you’ll be ok!

So in quick answer to your question, Miss Dwaynia:

1. Yes, I’ve been getting great results from using my bonnet dryer because it sets my styled coils.

2. No, I have not seen any heat damage because I use the dryer minimally and alternate between hot and cool settings.




*Hope. This. Helps.  #internetspeak

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  1. I am gonna have to try this method instead of diffusing and see what kind of results I get.

  2. Question:
    Isn’t shingling a texturizer? I have seen this term several places and I am puzzled by it. Please educate me as I am ignorant of what it does to the hair.

    P.S. your hair has rebounded beautifully

    • No shingling is not a texturizer, its a styling process of applying products. I’ll do a tutorial on it sometime soon! And thank you!!

  3. Thank you SO much…that was extremely helpful. I will be trying the hooded dryer. I should mention that I’ve been using the Deva Curl Heaven in Hair as a styler, per your post recommendation, and managed 2nd day hair today for the first time as a natural. My hair was gorgeous (if I might say so myself lol).

    You, your hair, and blog ROCK!

    • SO glad that the post was helpful and that you’re liking the Heaven in Hair! Hopefully the dryer suggestion will work for ya too!! Keep on rockin those beautiful curls!!! :D

  4. I recently dusted off my old hooded dryer and have been using it with nice results too. I can’t believe I’ve had the same, ancient, Lazy Daisy dryer since high school! I find that shingling plus the lack of manipulation keeps my curls more defined and less frizzy :) I seriously need to update my dryer, though…

  5. Dear Cass:
    great post as usual. Love your curls and nice definition.
    Can you do a tutorial or elaborate more about what order you did the styling? For instance do you apply a thermal protection before you use the hooded dryer? I am also assuming you apply a leave in and a curl definer? I what order?
    Thanks for your anticipated response.

  6. So glad you did a piece on this! I’ve been curious since you first mentioned it to me, and now I’m thinking about investing in one of my own (though my hair’s just crazy/wavy).

    • youre more than welcome to borrow and try at first if you’d like! in fact its sitting dormant in my room until I’m back in SF let me know if you want me to tell you where to nab it! :)

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