Skya’s Back to School Loc Update!

It’s been a wonderful week of sun and fun here in Minnesota with the family.  As I promised last week, I’ve got some updates for you on Skya’s loc progress.  When I first saw her, I was totally impressed by how they’re looking.  Her locs were started from braids last November and they’re finally turning a corner where youre seeing less braid and more solid loc.

View of Skya's locs from the back when they were first started as braids


Skya's locs now! See how the braid pattern is a lot less noticeable (if at all)?

After three months of swimming and sun you can also really see how light her hair gets at the tips.  Mine does the same, but not to such an extreme.

Sharing a summery sister smile


Yesterday was her first day of 3rd grade and her hair is looking great!

I want to let her tell you herself.  So without further ado, a little vlog from little Sky on her first day of school!



I’ve also got a little update about our sister Keagan who I wrote about a couple months ago in a piece on natural hair for kids with special needs. Keagan wore two-strand twists for the whole summer, but kicked off her sixth grade school year with a loose and free fro!


Keagan and Mommy!


It’s been a great trip home and the sisters’ locs’n’curls are doing great!  Here’s to the start of a great school year for both of them!!

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  1. Love. Beautiful!

  2. Love her honesty, and her seriousness Kids are great. “to school. we’re on the path to school.” duh! haha

  3. Love this piece, Cass! I hope Skya has a GREAT third grade year! You are one awesome big sister!

  4. Love this post Cass and your openess in sharing your family with all of us. Thanks for the update on your sisters’ progress :)

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