Homeward Bound: Time to check in on my sisters’ locs!

This week I’m headed back to the midwest to my homestate of Minnesota to enjoy the last few days of pre-school, pre-winter fun in the sun with the family! I haven’t been back since this spring and it will be good to see the fam AND check in on my sisters’ Keagan and Skya’s loc progress.

with Mom and the sisters Skya and Keagan (May 2011)

8 year old Skya had her locs put in [on her own volition] back in November, so we’re just shy of her 1 year mark. While she’s experienced a lot of growth in the past year, rumor has it she’s also had a summer filled with pool time, sunshine, and summer camp, so probably not so much regular loc upkeep. I’ll get you all up to speed on this soon-to-be third grader’s growth progress and her back to school routine.

Skya Freshly loc'ed!

Then there is my sister Keagan whose story I shared with you all a few months ago regarding her developmental disabilities and how they tie into her hair choices. Keagan had locs for about 5 years, but back in May had them chopped off to start anew! This big step was a very exciting moment for Keagan as she loved her “small hair” and excitedly shared as much with her teachers and classmates. Keag’s about to start 6th grade next week so we’ll be checking in on what has worked for her and her 4 month old TWA.

Keagan's locs before her chop!

Keagan peers into the mirror after her big chop.

As for me, I’m about to head into a MONTH of being on the road and Minnesota is just the beginning. You’re about to hear of a lot of adventures on the road and we’ll see how Lola holds up as I take her on yet another adventure!

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  1. Great pics- muy bonita!! Savor every single moment with the fam and safe travels!!

  2. Hi Cass! Pleeease come to my natural hair meetup in Madison, WI!! A stretch, I know, but I’m putting my dream of meeting you out into the universe! There’s not a whole lotta natural love in this town, but I have managed to organize a small group. I’ve posted an announcement about our 2nd meetup in the local paper hoping that the group (and awareness) will grow. Pls check out my blog at http://www.anaturalpursuit.com.

  3. ps. Skya and Keagan are precious! I have three younger siblings that have learning disabilities and special needs. They give a special kind of love that cannot be put into words. My heart goes out to you and your family and my wish is that you enjoy every moment with them!

  4. Awesome! I hadn’t even realized that its almost been a year. I’m excited to see both girls’ progress! Happy and safe travels.

  5. I love to see kids with locs. I think it’s so empowering to see these girls exhibiting a love for natural hair. Beautiful!

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