Internatural: Maira Freitas (Brasil)

I got a tweet from my friend who frequents Rio, Sao Paolo, and Brasila saying that he had found my Brazilian hair twin.

“Oh yea?  Let’s see her,” I replied.

And thanks to the wonders of the internet and a little blue bird called TwitPic, I had her mug in my inbox within a matter of hours.  Turns out she’s no ordinary natural on the street, but a Brasilian singer and pianist.  #ALREADYFLATTERED

I love Brasilian music so much.  Like so much, so the fact that Sheed likened me to someone famous for performing my favorite genre of music really floored me.

TwitPic sent from @IntlSwagger

Flatteredness aside, I decided to take a little perusal on the ol YouTube to check Miss Freitas out and LOVED her stuff!  Here’s some of her songs and videos for you to enjoy!



Love her flower in this one

Be sure to check out her baby pic shots at :20 and :39 #idied. Then let the soothing sounds of the Portuguese language wash over you as you enjoy the rest! :)

Good song, great hair!

Intimate rehearsal vid. (Love the headband and earrings!)

Personally, I’m loving her sound AND her hair of course! Let’s give a big thanks to Rasheed for turning us on to this InterNATURAL beauty from Brasil!

Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. I love Brazillian music too. Her hair is great. She is def your hair twin. Thanks for sharing

  2. I agree she is your hair twin and the two of you resemble as well.

  3. Yes you two do favor:) Off to watch her vids:)

  4. Love her hair, makeup, that gorgeous floral dress, and beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing this.

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