Seasonal Skincare by Shalom Organics

As I’ve deepened my knowledge about hair products and ingredients geared towards healthy hair, I’ve also been more curious and educated about skincare products. Enter Shalom Organics, a seasonally-produced, all-natural, handcrafted skincare product line by Monica Fine. I’ve never heard of a product line such as this one before and I’ve been really giving it a good testing for the past couple months and finally had to share it with you all because it’s been absolutely AMAZING. Here’s the skinny.

Monica produces the line twice a year, using fresh, local ingredients selected for their healing and nourishing qualities. When I first sat down to chat with Monica, she was just dashing out the door to go distill conifers and other plants for use in her products, tonics, perfumes, and treatments.  Monica received certification as a Master Herbalist and Aromatherapy Practitioner after training with Jeannie Rose, the legendary herbalist.

Shalom Organics was inspired by Monica’s passion for aromatherapy and herbal medicine meaning that these products don’t just work to cleanse or moisturize your skin, but they also improve, heal, and nourish your entire being.

I’ve been using several products on the line including:

  • Fruits of Madagascar Exfoliating Cleanser: a tropically refreshing scrub that removes of the daily grime of city life before I hit the sheets
  • Canna Have Great Skin Purifying Seaweed Tonic: a herbal spritzed that primes skin for moisturizing
  • Canna Have Great Skin Ultimate Repair Serum: one of my favorites of the bunch!  Organic hemp seed oil that I apply before bedtime.  I wake up with glowing, baby soft, super moisturized skin.
***note that the entire Canna Have Great Skin line is for Californians only because one of the main ingredients is legal only in California.  Hemp seed oil is great for skin because its high in essential fatty acids.  All the goodness and none of the side effects!!***
  • Tropical Sunblock:  all of the protection, none of the harsh chemicals.
  • PMS Serum: miserable things happen to my face around a certain time of the month.  This alpha-hydroxy laden serum helps keep all of the madness in check.

Sound divine?  It’s because they absolutely are!  Every time I wash my face its like a sensory wonderland and my skin has improved so much since using this regimen!
If you’re in the Bay Area, you MUST, and I repeat MUST swing by Monica’s skin heaven where she will give you the best facial of your life!  I had the pleasure of being wrapped in a warm downy cocoon of  and having my skin pampered like never before.  Highlights from the transcendental 2-hour experience include:
  • Having my face, shoulders and chest swathed in Moor Mud, an ancient, geothermal mud with over 1,000 trace minerals
  • Aromatherapy massage using essential oil blends created by Monica herself
  • Steaming with Seaweed Cooling Masques and Cucumber Gel Masques
  • Extraction.  The [slightly painful] process by which all impurities are removed from your skin
Other treatments in facial rotation are a Pomegranate Enzyme Masque and Lemon Chiffon exfoliating masque.
I walked out looking a little puffy from all of the extraction (it was the first time I’d ever had it done), but work up the next morning looking absolutely RADIANT!

So you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on a bit of this Shalom Organics goodness.  Give Monica a call at 415.691.SKIN where she’ll give you a free skin consultation and figure out what products will work best for your skin needs.  If you’re in the Bay Area you’ll also be able to book your appointment to see her through this number.

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  1. I have been looking for an organic skincare line. Does she sell the product online or just on the ground?

  2. This sounds amanzingly-divine!!! Totally bummed I’m on the East Coast, Argghh!! Love your blog <3

  3. awww man!! this sucks cuz i love organic skin care and her line sounds GREAT!!! send me some :)

  4. How does a consultation work over the phone? I would think that she would like to see you in person.

    • just asked Monica to get the skinny on your question Miss Diane :) in her words “Consultations work like this: they call and we can either schedule a time (esp if they leave a voicemail leave a time that works for them) or we talk then. I ask them to tell me about their skin and their current skin care regime and lifestyle. I make suggestions of products based on their goals for their skin and current lifestyle. I can also provide aromatherapy blends and herbal treatments in this fashion. Then we can ship them product. “

      • Thanks Cassadie. Sounds like a good deal. I’m always on the lookout for something I’d like to try, plus my Whoop Ash mango butter ran out a long time ago. :)

  5. This is why I LOVE your blog! I’ve been using what was as close to natural as possible (NOT!) I will be hitting her up for a consultation via phone! Uhm taking care of my body (food), hair, but not the skin is no bueno:) I can’t wait to see you next month!

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