MMMMMMYungHumma’s back [with a natural] !

I’ve been waiting for MONTHS to somehow feature Flynt Flo$$y and Yung Humma of Turquoise Jeep Records on Natural Selection, but considering their shared affinity for UN-natural hair (think: faux goatees, stick-on moustaches, and pigtailed wigs), I would have been really forcing it.  Like, really forcing it.


Flynt Flo$$y - Mentioning that he likes to DANCE and that he is his favorite rapper


Yung Humma - Smashin and bangin it.


I have spent hours watching the internet sensation’s videos on YouTube, fascinated by their too-catchy-for-their-own-good songs such as “Did I Mention I Like to Dance”, “Lemme Smang It”, “Sex Syrup”, and “Stretchy Pants”. I’ve been absolutely captivated by the over-sexed, under-produced, uber-budget, danced-up tracks and vids by the Turquoise Jeep posse. Hell, I even went all the way in and bought a gd t-shirt!


aggressively proud that Flynt Flo$$y is in fact my favorite rapper

But days and weeks passed with nary a mention of Turquoise Jeep Records on Natural Selection until yesterday when little birdie on my computer screen popped up and let me know that Yung Humma had a new video.  So I clicked on the new piece titled “Happy Sexgiving” and was DELIGHTED, and I mean absolutely DELIGHTED to see a beautiful set of curls in the video!!!  Finally, oh joyous joy, a legitimate reason to blog about TJR and Yung Humma!!!  Without further ado:

I mean, doesn’t homegirl have gorgeous curls?? Way to support the naturals, Turquoise Jeep!!!!! I would also love to say that Mr. Humma’s flowing locks are looking mighty good these days, but I can’t wait to see him rock some ringlets!

And just for good measure, here’s a few of my other favorite TJR tracks. You’re very welcome for this special Friday treat! Happy weekend y’all!!

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  1. OMG, I saw Lemme Smang It a few months back and couldn’t stop laughing. I didn’t realize he had a whole series of videos. Thanks for sharing, I will have to wait to watch it when I get home from work for fear of laughing too loud in my cubicle filled office!!


  3. This was hilarious! His vids are so over the top. I saw Smang It in the office a few months ago…I laughed so hard it had everyone coming down the hall to see what I was doing. lol

  4. It’s the little things that count. Like when he slapped that slap bracelet/watch on her hand. idied

  5. Oh. My. God. I am sooo glad I didn’t see this at work on Friday! I woulda caused a commotion. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I have never even heard of these dudes! Still catching my breath…

  6. ahahahaha! We got them to come to my University last week! They are so awesome!

  7. I saw them in concert. Such a great time. Just as foolish in person.

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  10. omg, I have spent the entire morning watching this TJ madness, just laughingtotears. smh

    I’m on this one now:

    A Short Turquoise Film: OOH AHH SOUND


    I think my favorites so far are Why I Gotta Wait, Go Grab My Belt & Can He Move it Like This(so much 90s goodness in that one).

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