Lemonade Out of a Big Lemon: My Dope New Haircut

Well you can tell by the subject line how the story turns out…I guess sitting down to read this post is like sitting down to watch Titantic…minus Leo and the icebergs…I digress.

After my hair straightening at a Dominican Salon last week, I attempted to use protein conditioners and deep treatments to revive my curls per the recommendations of the stylists at Madusalon. The same stylists also confirmed my fears that I was, in fact, in the middle of a hair emergency and made me an appointment for the next day.

So last Friday, I sat in the chair of Miss Marie France Cesar, owner of Madusalon (SF’s curl haven/heaven). She started snipping the ends, taking off the obvious damaged tips. I was well overdue for a trim (my last one was in April) and so I was fairly certain that this portion of my hair was not going to make it past this debacle. Marie noted that the hair at the back of my head, where my curls are loosest and most fine had lost a lot of the elasticity. The difference was seriously noticeable as the curls in the kitchen hung far below the rest of my hair. “Well, we’ll have to cut these pieces shorter,” explained Marie.

See the curls on the left and back hanging lower than the rest? No bueno.

“Fine by me,” I agreed. “And you know, you might as well cut them shorter, I’ve always wanted to have shorter hair in the back…like a tapered cut.”

“Are you asking me to give you a tapered cut?” asked Marie.

“Um,” I paused. “Yup. No time like the present I’ve always wanted one!”

And that was that. The next thing I knew, I was watching four inch curls (8 total inches of hair when stretched) plummet to the floor. But I wasn’t nervous a bit. I was having a “go hard or go home” sort of moment. I was just wishing and hoping that she would cut it short enough.

I felt kind of like a topiary sitting there as Marie’s scissors sculpted and shaped my dear Lola into a new, distinct volume. Marie placed the mirror in my hands and swiveled me around so I could see the back of my head revealing the cut I’ve always wanted! A HATCHBACK!!! My friend Dani got A Hatchback (think two-door coupe that opens vertically) in college and I had serious envy of it then, but never thought I could have one myself. However NOW! JOYOUS NOW! I had A Hatchback sitting right on my very own head!

View from the back before styling.


View from the side before styling. <3 the shape here!

After a few more minutes of snipping (a few of which involved me flipping my head over and Marie cutting from her knees), I was whisked away to the shampoo bowl where Marie’s assistant Amy proceeded to shampoo and shingle me using Deva products.

If there is one thing I’m well aware of, it’s that shingling my thick head of curls yields a truly beautiful effect, but is also time-consuming as all heck. But no matter, Amy and I traded stories of hair and life as she pulled Deva Heaven in Hair through my curls, bringing them back to life and re-shaping their coils. I was jazzed to try this new product after Amy explained that it served as a 3-in-1 leave-in conditioner, styler, and deep conditioner. #yesplease

All shingled and feeling great!


Shingled from the back view!

After the shingling to the dryer I went where I chilled until I was mostly dry. Then Amy used a diffuser to shape, fluff, and define my coilies. Marie did one more once over with her scissors to finalize what had become one of the best hairstyles I’ve had in my life!

I love my coils and I love the round lollipop shape that had become Lola over the past couple years, but there’s something both edgier and more refined about this new cut.

Lola ready for a Friday night!


I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I know that without the heat damage, I would have sat through a trim where the end goal would have just been to retain length and general look of my hair. But this adventure in hairstyling inspired me to keep on being adventurous and try something new. Hair is just hair and it can burn, it can be cut, but it will grow!

The woman behind the magic shears: Marie of Madusalon!

Epilogue: Four days later I’m still as enamored with the style as I was when I walked out of the salon. I’ve gotten tons of compliments and I’m thrilled that my hair has been restored to its pre-blowout health! There are still a few pieces of hair that hasn’t gained its curl back, but alas, nothing I can do now. I also can’t stop touching the back of my hair where my shortest pieces are about 1/2″ to 1″. ┬áIt’s like Lola2.0 and I don’t hate it!

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