The Pool Party Kicked A**. Let me count the ways.

1. THEY CAME. THEY SWAM. THEY CONQUERED. – People got in the pool! I got in the pool! I mean, I was always planning on getting in the pool, but I know that sometimes there exists this pool/brown person disconnect. “Do you REALLY expect people to get in, Cass?” asked a friend a couple weeks before the party. Then I got a little nervous, then I got a lot nervous, then I resolved to swim and figured people would join me. And they did. Lots of them! And it was a beautiful, beautiful sight to behold!

Friends at the swim up bar

Yeah….I went in and under and loved every second of it!

Bikini clad guests strike a pose

2. MOMZ IN THE HOUSE – My MOM was there! That’s right, good ol Mamajesty got to check out her first big event planned by yours truly. It was really special to have her there and introduce her to folks. Thanks for swinging through, Mommy Dearest!

Daugher and Mother pose for the camera

3. ALMA MATER REPRESENT – My college buddies from Wash U were there! They are all awesome and talented and doing cool things (such as moving to China, pursuing a PhD, and opening a bar). Even though they may have straight hair they were totally down with supporting the cause and I loved sharing a little bit of the Curly World with them.

Nicole, Dani, and Sarita—–> <3

Josh and Barry. Two of my closest friends since Freshman Year in college.

Aaron: a long time friend, blog reader, and fellow curly

And now I realize that I even had a duo of sisters that I’ve known from when we were all in grade school together in Minneapolis!

My Mom with Leslie and Erica — all from MN

4. BLOGGERS UNITE – Lots of bloggers and vloggers came that either I’ve met before and wanted to come or that I’ve always wanted to meet, which was super cool! EmpressRi, Afroniquely You, BackToCurly, Taren916, Le Coil, Sheena LaShay, Boutique de Bandeaux, ManeMoves, Essence Street Style, Chescaleigh, CurlyFashionista, and Miss Moon’s Musings were all there just to name a few!

Chai of Back to Curly and Sheena LaShay

Natural Selection and EmpressRi


Jamala of LeCoil

5. SINGING IN THE SHOWER – This woman made my night. Nuf said.

Mad respect. I belt it out in the shower too!

6. PUTTING THE FACES TO THE PRODUCTS – It was super awesome to meet Jane Carter, Dickey of Hair Rules, and Sondriel of Ouidad. I would add Rich Dennis, owner of Shea Moisture, to this list, but we’ve met several times before and it was good to see him nonetheless! It was also a treat to have Karen Tappin of Karen’s Body Beautiful in attendance!

Dickey of HairRules

Chimole of Shea Moisture, Jane Carter, and I


Sondriel of Ouidad

Karen of Karen’s Body Beautiful and Michelle of NaturallyCurly

7. PLEASE DON’T STOP THE MUSIC! – No for serious, I wish that the music didn’t get cut because DJ Christian Jae was ON POINT! Loved what he was spinning! Definitely the fitting vibe for the soiree!

On the one’s and two’s and killin it

8. CURL POWER – The energy of the community in attendance was palpable. You definitely got the sense that this was a truly special event. It makes me think of Captain Planet or something, but to the tune of “with the power our curls combined….”

A longtime NaturallyCurly reader and Michelle share a moment in the name of Curl Power


9. IIIIIII’M COMING OUT – I mentioned this yesterday, but I was thrilled to announce my official joining of the NaturallyCurly fam as Global Editor and it was great to revel in appreciation and congratulations from attendees. Thanks for your support y’all!

Announcing the new position (and the winners of lots of giveaways!)


10. F.U.N. – It may go without saying, but I had a REALLY fun time! Events should be fun and flow and make people happy. Judging from the smiles on peoples faces, that was definitely achieved with this one. The good news is that there will be more! And probably in your neck of the woods, so stay tuned!





For the full album of snaps visit the Natural Selection Facebook album.  Also check out my write up of the event on!

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  1. wow! this is beautiful!! great job Cass :)

    BTW, i’ve always hated the notion that black people don’t swim. almost every one i know loves to swim and go to the beach… but then again, i don’t know too many weaved up ladies. everyone either has a perm or are natural.

  2. My mom , sis & I had a fabulous time @ the pool party. Everything was fun, educational & classy. It was great having so many curlys together complimented another & truly enjoying eachothers company. I can’t wait for the next NY event Cassidie. By the way where did u find the DJ? He was spectacular.

  3. Congrats on all of your success! I’ve been a natural since ’98, but your blog has been really helpful to me lately, as it has given me the courage and direction to rock my fine-textured hair in a ‘fro more often. (My hair, unlike yours, isn’t thick, so in addition to twists not doing much to retain my length, they also make me look like I have very little hair.)

    Also, edit this out if it isn’t appropriate, but you and your friend Aaron look cute together…. just saying!

  4. Wonderful job Cass. This looks AMAZING!!

  5. Awww the event looks awesome! Congrats!

  6. It was such a thrill meeting you on Saturday! I had such a great time, and I cannot wait for the next event! :)

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