Ask the Hair Doctor: Dr. Kari Answers Reader Hair Questions- Submit Yours!

Naturals Night Out Los Angeles was hosted by Mahogany Hair Revolution, a natural hair salon founded by Dr. Kari Williams, one of the country’s leading trichologists (aka. hair and scalp doctor!).

Dr. Kari Williams

I think I can speak on behalf of all in attendance that we were all very impressed with the natural hair knowledge and expertise Dr. Kari brought to the event and I wanted to create a chance for ALL readers to have access to her resources and insights about natural hair care.

Together we’re launching a new series here on Natural Selection called “Ask the Doctor!” in which she will respond to reader questions and I’ll post them publically so that we can ALL learn!

To submit your questions please send an email to cassadie [at] naturalselectionblog [dot] com with the subject line “ASK THE DOCTOR”. We’ll try to get through all questions, so don’t be shy and let us know any and everything you’ve ever wanted to ask an expert!!

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  1. What is the best natural oil to use on your hair

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