So Fine- Regimen Awareness + Win a Custom Consultation and Products from Komaza Care

So you want to know the secret to having good hair? The one key thing that will cause your hair to thrive and grow strong? It will not only save you money, but also space in your cabinets. Ready for it?


Making sure that you have a consistent maintenance routine and product regimen is, in my opinion, the most important thing you can do for your hair. Ok, and drinking plenty of water too, but I digress. It’s easy to fall into the trap to product junkyism or testing out new styles each week, but this is all sorts of bad news for naturals — especially you SO FINE naturals whose delicate tresses need as regular, and gentle care as possible.

I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve switched around products too often and the result was a tangled, coil-less mess. Just yesterday, I was bumming out because my neglected nighttime routine has left me with nearly loc’ing ends that I find just oh-so upsetting.



Routine is important, I know this, but even I sometimes fall off the wagon.

So lets all hop back on together by establishing new or maintaining existing routines! I called up natural hair guru, Rene Maddox, the Founder and Co-owner of Komaza Care because she knows. her. stuff!

Rene and Cass


Here are some interesting facts that came from the conversation that hopefully will impress upon you the importance of maintaining a routine:

  • Stick with it: It takes 6-8 weeks for your hair to really get used to a product.  Before this time, it will be difficult for you to actually see the maximum benefit a product can have on your hair.  So unless a product is REALLY messing with your hair (and you’ll know) keep using it and then after 6-8 weeks make a decision about whether or not to repurchase it.
  • Nail down your technique: This is a different way of saying practice makes perfect.  If you don’t like how your wash’n’go came out the first time, there’s a good chance that you just need to work a little bit more on how you are executing the style.  Are you using too much product?  Too little?  Are you smoothing and working the product in enough?  Over time, you will develop a practiced and perfected technique that works for YOU- every time- like clockwork.
  • Pay attention: Read the ingredients.  If your hair doesn’t like heavy butters and oils, make sure you’re not trying to use a product that has a lot of heavy butters and oils.  Similarly, if your hair loves aloe vera, make sure to find products that use a lot of this ingredient!
  • Ask and you shall receive: If you have questions about how to use a product, do not be afraid to call a product company and ask!  If you’ve never done this before, you’d be surprised at how accessible product companies often are!  They can answer all your questions and make sure that you’re using the product the right way.

A solid product regimen should be centered around two things: a moisturizer and a moisture sealer.  Then to that core, you should add a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and a styler.  I was going to orchestrate a giveaway of a certain group of products that I hold near and dear to my heart, but that goes against everything I said above and believe in: what works for me, may not work for you.

So I’m really excited to giveaway a CUSTOM PRODUCT CONSULTATION AND COMPLETE KOMAZA CARE PRODUCT REGIMEN!  One winner is going to be taken under the wing of Miss Rene of Komaza Care to determine what your specific product needs are and then work with her to develop a custom product regimen that you will use consistently [for 6-8 weeks].  While it’s difficult to say which specific products from Komaza Care the winner will receive, we’re talking about a shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, styler, and more (depending on your needs!) Holy buckets this is a good one and I’m really excited to be able to sit on the sidelines for this one!


Here’s how you enter:

Step 1: Like Natural Selection’s Facebook Page
Step 2: Make sure you’re a subscriber to this blog
Step 3: Ok. I was torn whether or not to do this, but I loved reading your entries OH SO VERY MUCH that I want to do another haiku contest! Woohoo! This time around, I want you to incorporate the word REGIMEN.

A quick haiku how-to: A haiku is a 3 line poem that has 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 in the third. My example entry into the contest:

Woe is me!  My curls

Suffering.   Must return to

Nighttime regimen.


See!  Easy peasy with such an awesome thing to win!  Can’t wait to read your entries!

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  1. My curls NEED a boost
    Consultation, Regimen
    Komaza care HELP

  2. Regimen so screwed,
    What next to do? Curls so dry.
    Komaza, tell why?

  3. Smashed curls and dry hair
    No Regimen got me there
    Can you please help here

  4. Dry hair, need moisture.
    Help with regimen a must.
    Komaza Please Help!!

  5. Twist out Braid out blues
    Good Regimen I need you
    Komaza Rescue

  6. My natural curls
    been with me for three years now
    never turning back

  7. Hair, try to take care
    My regimen everyday
    Grow long and healthy

  8. Create regimen
    To avoid dry, brittle hair
    This, I need pronto!!

  9. Lupus came, locks left-
    Help a sister create a
    Regimine of Love?

  10. Six month transition
    I really need REGIMEN

  11. My fickle hair is in need of a super regimen to tame it. I have different lengths of hair and I don’t know if I have reached my terminal length but I think I have. I need help retaining past APL. Please help Komaza Care. I love that you include ph balance information on your site as well.

  12. No moisture, No love
    Lack of Regimen equals
    Sad little afro.

  13. Everyday surprised!
    Haircare rollercoaster will
    end with regimen.

  14. My dream is simple,
    Komazo will awazen,
    My new regimen!!!

  15. Tied Down Don’t Know What
    To Do. Need Time To Manage,
    A Hair Regimen.

  16. Desert Hair, THAT DRY!
    Moisture where are you my dear?
    Regimen? Yes please.

  17. Regimen NEEDED.
    My tight corkscrews crave moisture.
    Komaza MUST help!

  18. Curls! Curls! Why so dry!
    New regimen on the way
    Komaza Oh yea!

  19. Black female seeking successful hair regimen Moisture please apply

    • okay so it did not put the breaks in my first entry so here it goes again.

      Black female seeking
      Successful hair regimen
      Moisture please apply.

  20. I love my hair so
    Healthy hoping it will grow
    Komaza let’s go

  21. My regimen is ….
    NONEXISTENT albeit
    A necessity.

  22. Regimen, I need
    for my full hair potential
    to be realized, see!

  23. Phenomenal hair
    Easy unconscious routine
    Regimen AH HA!

  24. Regimen needed.
    Easy, right? One, two, three. No!
    My coils laugh at me.


  25. I’m So Fine and Coily
    but Lack a Regimen Sorely
    Komaza! Help Me!

  26. Hey…Thryoid Problems !
    Hair is falling out and out
    In need of regimen…NOW!

  27. So dry and broken
    are my fine, fragile curlies..
    Regimen Rescue!

  28. Old Curly need help
    Hair care regimen a bust
    Komaza for me

  29. Natural, new me
    Set regimen needed for
    natural beauty

  30. Regimen not cool
    Don’t want to be a curl fool
    Komaza’s the tool

  31. Facinmyfears

    Trying to get it down packed
    but sometimes my hair still looks wacked
    It would be a great deal
    if I could get the right Regimen for REAL!

  32. Oh fine hair of mine,
    a REGIMEN that’s divine.
    Komaza Care hair.

  33. Coils, Kinks, Curls, 4 B
    finding naturality
    need hair regimen

  34. Regime needed!
    I don’t know what I’m doing.
    Just making things up.

  35. My kinky tresses
    Need a sure-fast regimen
    To be oh so fierce!

  36. So tired of frizz
    Can I get a regimen
    Help me Komaza!

  37. Fried, dried curls of mine…
    A new regimen from Komaza
    will make my hair look fine!

  38. Help my low po curls.
    A regimen of moisture.
    Is needed to thrive.

  39. Oh my sweet Lovey
    Do you have a regimen?
    We need urgent help

  40. Hi there-
    confirming I’m a subscriber, like you on FB and now here’s my haiku (learned something new today, never hear that word before! – noting that you said syllables and NOT words):

    My curls are an S
    What regimen is the best?
    Komaza Care yeah!

  41. Grinding daily to
    lock that regimen down tight…
    Oh, how I love it!

  42. I love my curls, girl!
    They are super fly, to me!
    Let your curls be free!

  43. Coils straighten , Curls knot;
    Kinky mane thirst REGIMEN………
    thirst Komaza…..too..

  44. oh dryness and brittleness,and frizziness
    komaza is hear never fare.

  45. Transition of love
    it has been. Miss Rene, please…
    Need a regimen! :)

  46. Newly natural
    Here to stay, need regimen
    Renee, lead the way!

  47. Consistency is
    The key to my regimen
    Same old song over again

  48. Here is my Haiku. (I hope I counted the syllables right!)

    Time to define my
    natural hair regimen.
    My hair says, thank you

  49. Different textures.
    No products or regimen.
    Plea of a newbe

  50. Im lovin with my Hair
    Nappy Kinky Afro Hair
    Komaza for my hair

    • I want to change the last line to read I’d love a Regimen
      SO my reentry goes

      Im lovin my Hair
      Nappy Kinky Afro Hair
      I’d love Regimen

  51. Though my hair LOOKS hot,
    It is still not down my butt.
    Regimen I NEED!

  52. My hair therapy,
    Regimen consistency-
    equals the best me!

  53. New to kinky curls
    plus preparing for college
    equals distressed freshman

  54. I did the big chop!

    Now, please help a sister out!

    Komaza Care, Yeah!!!

  55. i love my hair
    but my regimen suck..z
    komaza hook a sista UP :)

  56. Just did the Big Chop
    Natural does not mean EASY
    Need a Regimen!

  57. Man I’m such a fool
    Being a product junkie
    Regimen needed

  58. too many products
    cant stick to a regimen
    Komaza please help!

  59. I just chopped my hair.
    Regimen necessary
    so that I won’t scream!

  60. My afro is dry,
    Don’t know what else to do,
    In need of a regimen, pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    Ollie M.

  61. Delicate flower
    growing upon the watered
    night time regimen

  62. intelligentbeauty

    wash n go was nice
    wash out was a tangled fro
    hair is in shock. HELP!!

  63. new to natural

    my hair cries out for moisture

    regimen needed

  64. My hair is not bad you see
    It has been very very good to me
    it may not be fine but it’s mine

  65. Transitioning, TOUGH!
    Komaza, HEAVEN SENT!
    Healthy hair, PRICELESS!

  66. My hair is so fine
    I need to wash it now because
    Of product buildup

  67. My hair need help now
    Don’t know how to care for it
    Please help me win

  68. Natural Spirit
    Encourage Growth To Release
    God’s Regimen Here :)

  69. Eight months natural
    Still I have no regimen
    Need Komaza Care

  70. I NEED HELP!!
    My regimen is not working
    Help me Please!!!!

  71. Products comin’ out
    meh ears. Regimen lost for
    years, please renew me.

  72. Oils, butters, gels, oh
    My! Rene, new REGIMEN
    Pleeeaaaaasssse? My curls need it!

  73. Precious little curls
    Why Lawd why so dry so dry
    Need new Regimen

  74. My regimen is …
    NONEXISTENT albeit
    A necessity.

  75. Prenatal breakage
    Need new regimen
    Please rescue my hair!

  76. Transitioning now.
    On my new regimen swag.
    Hope this thing works out.

  77. Bra strap-length deads gone
    Now rock TWA
    Regimen changed…HELP!

  78. Oops! My bad on the spelling… it is suppose to read:

    Bra strap-length dreads gone
    Now rock TWA
    Regimen changed…HELP!

  79. OH great regimen,
    When parched coils laugh in your face,
    please show them who’s boss.


  80. I need help!!!
    In the name of Jesus
    Thank-you and Amen!

  81. My hair cries out why
    keep hope, sorry regimen
    fix with tender care

  82. Transitioning Teen
    Troubled Regimen Save Me
    Gorgeous With No Lye !

  83. Captain Save A Curl/
    bring me a new regimen/
    revive my parched curls

  84. summer time is here
    a new regimen is near
    komaza, no fear!

  85. Natural Beauty
    Comes From Within….With The Help
    Of A Regimen

  86. Cass, help out my curls
    I want FREE Komaza Care
    Love, poor college kid.

  87. Kinks for days on end
    I need a new regimen
    coils need moisture please.

  88. These damn screaming twins
    no help to my regimen
    Moisture come back please!

  89. Moisture here and there
    everywhere but in my hair
    Help! komaza care

    • Totally forgot to use Regimen so here is a re-do

      Time to start anew
      New Regimen I shall do
      so Help! I need you!

  90. Hair and I agree,
    need insight for haircare needs,
    Regimen help, please!

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  92. Oh, what will it take
    For these weak coils not to break?
    Help! New regimen…

  93. love my curls and kinks
    wash, moisturize, and style them
    that’s my regimen!

  94. My hair is breaking
    I need a new regimen
    Hope Komaza works

  95. Demetra Mensah- Bonsu

    Curly hair galore
    All over my bathroom floor
    Needs a regimen

  96. A hair regimen
    has you pampering yourself
    and your hair. So nice!

  97. Up at 4 A.M.
    Komaza rescue me from
    sunrise detangling

  98. As the sky is blue
    my hair REGIME is like
    rain falling in may.

  99. As the sky is blue
    my hair REGIMEN is like
    rain falling in may.

  100. Why a regimen?
    So my Curls will pop! Fiercely!!
    Pop. Curls. Pop. So fierce!

  101. REGIMEN for kinks

    Moisture, strength, and loving ME!

    Big hair, kinky, FREE!

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