“…take a look at the shape of this curl…”

Last week I attended an event, scratch that, I catered an event for my cupcake company (L’Oven Kitchen…we can talk more about this later). At the event, I ran into a woman sitting at a desk with a typewriter. When I asked what she was doing, she explained that she wrote poetry by order, as in I could tell her what I wanted her to write a poem about.

Of course, I thought about you.

And the online natural hair community. And curls. And how beautiful of a process it is to go natural.

So I explained as much as I could while she typed away. Here’s the result. I love it and I hope you do too!


For more about the poet, Silvi, or her a la carte poetry service The Poetry Store, please visit her website!

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  1. wow.. its crazy how some ppl just have creativity flowing out of them like this! Beautiful post

    -MiiSS kECiia

  2. Sweet. I love the simplicity of the typewriter. She wasn’t using an iPad or a notebook, but a typewriter, which is just fabulous in and of itself. Love the sound they make… clack-clack-clack *ching*.

  3. You ran into Silvi?! I almost feel like she’s familiar to me, although I’ve only heard of her through Julie’s blog http://julieliveshere.com/ . Don’t even ask me how I stumbled upon her ’cause I have no idea. I just know my blog roll is waaay too long but I can’t cut it. They are both fab.

    I love that you got her to write about your hair and I love the fact that she immediately picked up on the essence of our hair and how it’s like a bridge to discover more about the owner/wear-er of the curl. So cool.

    And congrats on your biz! :D

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