15 Year Old Hair Biz Mogul

Wow.  Just wow.  I’m so impressed by the story of Leanna Archer that I just watched and read.  When Leanna was 9 years old she decided to use her grandmother’s recipe to create her own line of haircare products.  She’s now 15 years old and Leanna’s company made over $100,000 in revenues last year.  She has since been featured on a wide variety of outlets including CNN, Forbes, Newsweek, and more.  Her 9-item product line includes butters, conditioners, pomades, and oils.  Unfortunately the ingredient list is not available on her website (a natural hair pet peeve of mine), but I guess you gotta keep g-ma’s cookbook in the family.

Check out this video of Leanna on CNN Money.


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  1. That’s really impressive. I’d love to try her stuff! I pray her success continues till she’s the next CJ Walker :)

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