Skya’s 6 Month Loc Update Vlog!

Well, I must say that its pretty exciting/special to have my two sisters along on this natural hair journey with me. I’ve recently been talking about my sister Keagan’s hairstory and big chop, but we’re just hitting Skya’s 6 month anniversary with her locs. They’re looking good and a couple weeks ago when visiting home, I filmed a little video with her to update you on her progress. Check it out!

Check out Skya’s previous posts for a little glimpse at her loc-story.

2 month update
New locs!
Skya First Goes Natural

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  1. Awwwww; such a cute interview! She’s so bright, well spoken and her hair is growing wonderfully!

  2. precious!! you’ve got an amazing little sis;)!

  3. She is so cute. I love how happy she seems with her hair…wish I’d felt that way at her age!

  4. I heard your story about ur sister wanting locs on nappturalite radio. I think it is great your sister choose something different and unique.

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