Naturals Night Out TOMORROW in San Francisco!


BAM.  Manana!  So excited.  And the BEST NEWS is that I have something to wear.  Something, in fact, that I saw on the runway of Fro Fashion Week back in February.  It took me a hot minute to get my paws on it, but I did.  It’s finally here. And it’s on.  Oh you wanna see?   Sorry, this shall not be a spoiler, you’ll have to come to the event to see (or if you’re too far, wait for the event coverage)

I spent a couple hours on Tuesday at Madusalon for a little bit of styling guinea pigging with Jessicurl products and let me tell you that these ladies ROCKED, absolutely ROCKED my coils.  (In fact, three days later, they are still rocking).  They shingled my hair and then used a blow dryer to fluff it at the roots.  The results were a HUGE, fluffy, defined afro with lots of movement.  Oh man.  Great work.

On Saturday, we’ll be showing off a wide variety of styling demonstrations for a range of hair textures and types from looser waves to locs to fros to long corkscrew curls.  Even Jess of Jessicurl is going to be hopping behind the styling chair to show off her handiwork!

Again to RSVP email  To pay in advance its $20 sent to through Paypal, otherwise its $25 at the door.

See you tomorrow!



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  1. Do they already have “guinea pigs” lined up for the evening or do you need more volunteers?? :)

  2. Have fun! Wish I could attend. I live in MN.

  3. So sad to be missing this! Take lots of pictures!

  4. I can’t tell what I’m more jealous of. Your CRAZY AWESOME HAIR or the fact that you already know what you’re going to WEAR. Jeez. And here I am, in the smallest hotel room in SF with 4 different dress choices and NO idea which one to pick. :-) Whatever. I’ll be there tomorrow. :) Maybe not with bells on, but with SOME sort of dress-type-thing. :-) CAN’T wait!! :) Thank you Cassidy for being so totally awesome. (and seriously, how do you handle the cuteness that is you? I don’t get it. But I can’t wait to see you! :) ) – Jess

  5. The ‘fro is looking luscious! I’ll be looking forward to seeing the coverage since I’m gonna miss this one. Have a great time!!

  6. These natural events are addicting… So, when and where is the next one?

  7. Please let us know when the next meet up will be…I would love to come.

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