Photographer Gabriela Herman sheds a light on bloggers in their element

Have you ever wondered whats going on on the other side of a blog?  Where the blogger writes?  What kind of computer they use?  What it looks like outside their window?  What they wear when they write?  Brooklyn-based photographer Gabriela Herman has done a artfully beautiful job of answering those questions in an illuminating series called “Bloggers”.  The series has been getting praise all over the world, from bloggers (such as myself) to larger online outlets like

Back in April, Miss Gab was out here in San Francisco and it became my turn to show the world a behind the scenes glimpse of Natural Selection.


Yep.  That’s where the Natural Selection magic happens.  In my bedroom.  At night (or in the very very early morning).  In printed dresses.  With my trusty Mac Book Pro that I’m actually looking at with equal passion and intensity at this very moment.   And now you know.

In her artist statement on the series Gab writes

It is through our screens, these beacons of light, that the world opens up and we become literally linked to one another. I began photographing bloggers with this idea in mind, giving the viewer a peek into their intimate worlds by using their screens as the sole light source. My idea was to start with one blogger and ask them to recommend the next subject from someone on their blogroll. The same way their blogs are linked to each other’s online, the photos would be linked to each other in the series.

By looking at connectivity in this digital age and the ways in which we live and spend our time, this series shows how from these dark corners, bloggers are adding value to and changing the way people interact in the world.


It’s true.  Through the virtual portal of Natural Selection, I have connected with thousands  of people across the world.  We’ve shared dialogue, stories, learnings, memories, and photographs.  Persons with whom I would have never engaged without this blog, a true testament to the power of the internet and of blogging.

The entire series is quite substantial and captures both the diversity of bloggers and their spaces.   Check out the full gallery to see other bloggers in their element.

[nggallery id=3]

For more of Gabriela Herman’s work visit her website or her blog.  Now the question must be asked- when are we going to see a self-portrait of the photographer/blogger herself?

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  1. Beautiful! Great idea…

  2. this is cool! so, most bloggers blog at night?

    • sometimes yes…sometimes no…it really depends on the day/type of blog/your work style….but in all of these cases, yes, bloggers were blogging at night :)

  3. iusedtolovehim

    Your hair looks so full, thick, shiny, curly and just absolutely FAB in that pic!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! Simply Beautiful!

  5. Wow, it’s so interesting to see other bloggers at work…as a relative newbie, I can’t blog until my toddler is asleep and all my housework is done, so late night is what works. You look gorgeous in this pic! See you on the 21st in S.F.!

  6. Beautiful!

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