“Black women are unquestionably beautiful” says Vogue Italy

Not to be pretentious, but DUH ;)

In this month’s Vogue Italy, the beauty of the wide spectrum of black skin is celebrated in a  10-page spread in the glossy high-fashion magazine.  The accompanying article reads:

With bright eyes peering out under deliciously curled lashes, cheekbones and jawbones contoured as if chiseled from sharp stone, full noses, and sumptuously lush lips,black women are unquestionably beautiful.

A tribute is due to the woman whose skin tone ranges from alabaster to mahogany to smooth onyx, who can flawlessly carry any makeup look—from gold dusted lids to fuchsia blush to ripe purple and pink glosses. These pages pay homage to the versatile woman whose hair can oscillate from a tightly coiled and coifed Afro, to sleek layers, to a slicked back pixie cut in a matter of minutes. To the divine woman whose enviably full lips, strong, white teeth, and delightful smile have been known to electrify the hearts of many. To the siren whose smooth, velvety skin blocks the sun yet remains supple and unblemished with the passage of time.

Variable and diverse, black beauty escapes simple classification. But no matter the incarnation—whether the color of molasses, café au lait, bronze, tan, or tinged like desert sand—black beauties radiate with poise and multidimensional splendor.


Here’s a snapshot of some of the photographs from the spread which captures not only the spectrum of skintone, but also hair TEXTURE.  I’m loving how the article captures the spirit, the volume, and the essence of our CURLS!




For the full spread visit the original article here.

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  1. I love it! I need to go find it at the store.

  2. Gym with you! Duh! Lol I love it!

  3. My question is how do I secure a copy of this magazine? I’ve been trying to get one since they put the first issue out and I can’t find it anywhere.

    • and you’ve checked the big bookstores? I seem to remember big Barnes and Nobles having good international sections…I’ll do some digging :)

  4. Awesome. The ONLY thing that bugs me is WHY is it always the European Vogues that give Black women the props?? Helloooo, American Vogue, to which I am a loyal subscriber, a little love please!

  5. Honeybrown1976

    I agree with Kenya. American Vogue, what is your problem? Oh wait, Anna Wintour. I’ve found it.

  6. Mmm hmm. Now tell this to the Italians who made my life utterly miserable when I lived on Staten Island a few years back.

    Kenya, I’ve wondered the same thing. You’d think Andre Leon Talley would have more clout after all these years.

  7. honestly when I read this I was like, please please please let their be a brother behind this beautiful writing. I absolutely agree with every statement said about black women. Uhm well, we rock, and boo to the stupid article that said we are less attractive than other races lol. What other people can you see with sooo much diverse beauty? Other people to me look like carbon copys of one another, whereas we are diverse and beautiful in so many ways. We have such great strength, not only physically, but emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Whenever we are brought down, black men and women, we get right back up. That’s what we are taught from the beginning. To never give up because other people will see us as lazy and worthless, but we are so much more than any of them can imagine. We are an unstoppable force of brilliant, bold and beautiful people!

    This video showcases the beauty that is black people.

  8. Although I am very grateful for the acknowledgement and exposure of black models, this article is akin to a black history month special. In other words, we will realize true equality and recognition when a special edition/article is not needed and black models are regularly featured beside their white counterparts in all fashion magazines. Black models should be allowed to compete on an equal playing field particularly given the huge disproportionate amount of money black women spend on fashions.

    However, the black female consumer must take some responsibility
    for not making demands on the designers who profit from but exlude them on the runway and advertisements. Remember economic boycott, it still works.

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