The Beauty of Different: An Interview with Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks + Giveaway!

There’s a whole wide world of blogs out there and sometimes you come across another one that just plain and simple rocks.  It makes you smile.  It lifts you up.  It inspires.   For me, that blogs was Chookooloonks: a blog about life, love, and the pursuit of all things good in the world that’s chock full of great writing and stunning photographs. After weeks of avid reading, I developed a full out blog-crush and eagerly looked forward to Chookooloonks” daily arrival in my inbox.

Somewhere in there, I discovered that this awesome blogger behind the site, Karen Walrond, had also written a book titled The Beauty of Different. From what I could glean from the descriptions, I was in for a true, inspirational treat that sought to celebrate the innate beauty in everything.



The woman behind Chookooloonks and The Beauty of Different: Miss Karen Walrond

And boy was that hunch right! I sat down and read the book in one sitting, soaking in the beautiful images- both photographic and written- letting them wash over me and settle into my heart. What I loved most was the diversity of people in the book, and how you get a glimpse of their lives and histories in an authentic manner. Even in their portraits, they are 100% real. I mean these aren’t airbrushed and glossy touched up people—you can see their pores dangit! And throughout the book, you get a truly intimate glimpse of  their happiness and pains and joys and struggles, which ultimately lead you to a closer understanding of your own.

The main message of the book is that in each of our individual differences lies great beauty. This concept really resonated with me as a blogger who is dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness of natural hair and I knew that I wanted to capture a piece of this and share it with my readers.

So one morning a couple weeks ago, I interviewed Karen over the phone and had a great conversation with her about the book and beyond. Now, thanks to the awesomeness that is the worldwideweb here it is for you to check out:

Beauty of Different. Interview with Karen Walrond.

I think everyone should read this book.  I really do.  And as I said, I wanted to share it with you, my dear readers, so we’re giving a copy away!  To enter to win, write in the comments what your Different is.  Because no Different is better than another Different, I’ll be picking a winner at random next Monday May 2nd.  Hope you enjoyed to the interview and I look forward to enjoying your Differents!


UPDATE—- contest extended until Friday May 6th.  Keep your Differents coming in!!

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