Big Hair, Don’t Care! (Tutorial)


Last week when I was theoretically “done” experimenting with the twistouts and updos, I found myself with super stretched out hair.  I wasn’t really ready to bring my coily Lolitas back, nor did I have the time, so at night I braided it up so as to prevent tangles and matting.  I used a touch of moisturizer, Komaza Care Coconut Curl Lotion, and used Bee Mine’s Bee Hold Curly Butter to provide defintion and hold the braids together.  I secured the loose ends with bobby pins.  And this whole process only took me about 30 minutes before bed.

I woke up and unbraided, unsure of what to expect and was capital P Pleasantly Surprised with the results!  Lots of texture.  Lots of volume.  Lots of fun.  Lots of lovin it!








As the day went on, my hair morphed a little bit as some of my natural curls came back, but they still retained their stretched form.  This was a super easy style with huge results!  Here’s how you can get the look too!



1. Starting with dry, stretched, and NOT freshly washed hair, moisturize hair using Komaza Care Coconut Hair Lotion.  Separate hair into sections.  I used 10 sections.

2. Turn on a movie.

3. Take about a nickel-sized dollop of Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter and smooth along the length of the section.  Braid hair- tight enough so that its a solid braid, but not too tight so that you’re pulling your hair into sort of a face lift.  Leave ends loose-ish and secure with bobby pin.

4. Continue watching movie and braid each section as described in Step 3.

5.  Fall asleep watching movie once finished.  Wake up in the morning.

6. Unbraid each braid carefully.  Separate for volume.  Fluff roots with fingers and GO!

7.  Rock your big hair!  And repeat again for the next day!

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  1. this was super cute. luv the pictures, especially the second one.

  2. This is how my mom and my aunts told me that they used to set their afros back in the 70s. They wore theirs much neater and more manicured, so they would pick it out into a perfectly rounded hair-halo.

  3. Love your braid out – I’ve never seen anyone get that sort of result before. And your instruction were so funny but realistic! Keep up the good work, lol!

  4. Cass! I LOVE it! I want my hair to do that!!!

  5. honey badger don’t care, either

  6. I love big hair! Looks really nice on you.

  7. W-O-W! This is gorgeous! I gotta try the Komaza Care Coconut lotion next. How does it compare to the Califia moisturizing lotion?

    • They are both great moisturizers, the coconut is a bit lighter so it’s more suited to my texture … which is finer.

  8. Black American Princess

    SOOOOOOO gonna try this, totally adorable Cassadie!!

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