SO FINE: We’ve got a winner! Three actually…

Last night I sat at the kitchen table to read through the, ahem, sixty-four pages of haikus that you all entered into this giveaway and quickly became overwhelmed by the awesome effort that you all put into your poetry.  How in the WORLD could I choose just one???  I read a few to my roommate Ben, hoping he might help me out, but when he said, in all seriousness, “I think you should eliminate anyone that used the word FINE” I knew I was on my own on this one.

It was extremely difficult to pick a winner.  So much so that I wrote all of our lovely sponsors back and asked if we could hook up 2nd and 3rd place prizes too.  They willingly obliged and so I was tasked with the duty of narrowing 240 haikus down to three (not just 1)  ::phew::

To judge these haikus, I first made sure that the participants followed the rule of using the words SO FINE (and lots and lots didn’t, okurrrr).  Then I read each and every haiku looking at its flow/style/ creativity/humor/structure/rhyme/lack-of-rhyme.  I will say that there was a group that wrote theirs as 7-5-7 haikus because of a mistake I made in the original post and so those were not discounted.  However poems that were 6-7-4  (or some other non-haiku variation) WERE disqualified.

Let’s start with the two silver medalists that I chose [in no particular order].


Today my hair wants freedom.
So, fine, an afro.
Let the March winds blow it out!


Hair so fine, so free
I am loving what I see
Africa in me

-By Poppy

Congrats ladies, you have each one sample size of each of the three featured products: Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream, Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia, and Bee Mine Deja’s hair milk!!  Yippie hooray!

And in first place…drumroll por favor…. we have Jihan!!  Congratulations, you’ve got  full bottles of three of my fa-vo-rite moisturizers from Qhemet Biologics, Karen’s Body Beautiful, and Bee Mine coming your way!    I thought your haiku was creative and well written in terms of structure.  I liked the flow, and how you referenced the delicate nature of fine hair.  Everyone, read this one outloud and you’ll see what I mean. Good work and you’ll have to let us know how you like the goodies!

Hair. finely spun. silk.
fragile. handle with care please.
so fine. love mine. Hair.


I would be remiss to wrap up this contest without giving a shout out to the honorable mentions of the contest.  I’m sorry, I don’t have goodies for all of you, but I do want to spotlight your awesome haiku skills!

First of all, let me say WOW to Gail, Lori, and iusedtolovehim.  These ladies entered about 12  haikus each and have proven themselves as true haiku masters.  In it for the art as much as the sport they are!

Selections from Gaill:

TWA saves ca$h
Don’t sleep on my power naps
So Fine, penny wise.

Your straight hair does this,
and My “SO FINE” Kinks do that –
while Dave Chapelle, drums.

My coils are SO FINE,
How fine are they, did you say?
Paid the judge and clerk.


Some selections from Lori:

Dusky silhouette
Jives so fine to the rhythm


Qhemet and Karen
Ya’ll so fine, puh-leeze Bee Mine!
Wicked grin…poo-YA


i like ‘em kinky
so fine n’ hung doooown to there!
my men? Nah. My Hair…

From iusedtolovehim

My locs were so fine
but I think i’ve changed my mind
afro here I come


So fine were my locs
cascading long down my back
eight year long journey

[Editors note: send us a before and after pic!!]


And now single haikus and other poetry that people shared in the comments worth honorable mentions:

Curly, frizzy, that’s my hair
Pretty bold take a pic
So fine, but fly, it’s G6




Just combed out all my locs,
Hair SO FINE, it rocks!
Loving the natural life

Ashall Smith



Sapphire Smile
Mystic Divine
My Hair, So Fine

Blue Lilly’s Rise
Peach Cobbler Drizzling
My Hair, So Fine

Golden Gate Bridge
Today, I LIVE
No Longer in Hair Bondage

-Casarae L. Gibson



Big Curly Afro
Shines knowing it is So Fine
Friends Now With The Rain




this hair is all mine
every curly loop and vine
so strong yet so fine




My hair is fine
Just like me
My hair is chunky
Just like me
My hair is soft
Just like me
My hair is kinky
Just like me
My hair is sassy
Just like me
My her is fabulous
Just like me
But, my hair doesn’t make me
I make me




like cotton in spring
Thick but still so fine, all mine
sublime and strong fro

Mrs. Sugarpuff



Dryness issues that won’t end?
Stop the madness now
Moisture is a curl’s best friend!

So fine to behold
Kinky curls reach to the skies
Drinking nature’s gold




Cottony tendrils
Dense as the Amazon lush
So fine, fragile muse




So Fine So Divine
My hair smiles and laughs out loud
Join me and be free




“Dear Diary”

Hurt myself today:
Whipped my hair…. crashed into lamp.
Neck SO FINE, it snapped.



College curls are broke
So fine but a little dry
No moisture just hope




who are you to touch my hair?
I’m not your Barbie!



Thanks to ALL of you so much for participating.  Be sure to stay tuned for the next installment of SO FINE coming out on Wednesday!  Happy weekend, y’all!

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