SO FINE: These are a few of my fa-vor-ite moisturizers (GIVEAWAY!)

One of the main challenges with finding the perfect moisturizer when you have fine hair is finding one that both gives you the moisture you need, but doesn’t weigh your hair down and make it product-y.  It can be tough to be So Fine in a world filled with so many buttery, creamy concoctions that are just too heavy for our delicate strands.  I have found that the key is to find products that both pack a lot of slam in the moisture department but are light enough to not leave your head feeling like Slimer did the Dougie on top of it.  (Yikes!)

I find that my preferred moisturizers that fall into this category have one thing in common: good ol’ H2O sits at top of their ingredient lists.  Another thing that they have in common is that you can physically SEE how lightweight they are.  For example, look at the shea butter on the left of this picture, and the two lightweight moisturizers on the right.

See how the shea butter is totally opaque and putty-like, while the two moisturizers are more translucent?  That’s what we’re aiming for here.

Now in no particular order, there are three of my fa-vor-rite conditioners for So Fine hair

1. Bee Mine’s Deja’s Hair Milk—  This is like the Swiss Army knife of my moisturizer arsenal: I can use it in so many ways! Sometimes I like to use it as a leave in on damp hair beneath a styler, other times I like to use it as a quick daily moisturizing fix on dry hair, and others I just put it in alone, shake my head, and walk out the door!  Simple, versatile, moisturizing.

2. Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream—  This is the creamiest of the bunch, but to this day I am still amazed at how lightweight it is!  From the second you touch this stuff, you can feel that its consistency is light, almost whipped, and airy.  It’s got a light, refreshing scent and has great slip.  Qhemet also has a little jar of joy for those who have more porous hair and who can handle a bit of a heavier product, called Amla and Olive Heavy Cream. A little goes a hecka long way.

3. Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia-— Nectar of the gods INDEED: the stuff inside this black bottle makes my hair feel like cashmere.  I love to use it as a leave in; it just glides onto my hair after towel drying and plays very nicely with a wide variety of stylers and styles.

Now lucky ducky for one lucky reader, I’ve got some fantastic news: YOU CAN WIN ALL THREE OF THESE AND TRY THEM ON YOUR SO FINE SELF!!  Here’s what you have to do to enter to win:

1. Make sure you’re a subscriber to Natural Selection.  (see that little box beneath the logo that says subscribe?  Use it!)


2. Write a HAIKU in the comments about your hair.  What exactly is a haiku?  Its a poem that’s easy (and fun) to write.  Three lines.  The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, the third line has 5 syllables. Bam.  The catch: your haiku must include the words “SO FINE”.

Here’s my example:

Guuuuuuuuurl, look at your hair:

You SO FINE and you know it!

Moisturize me well.

See!  Easy as that!  I cannot cannot cannot WAIT to see what y’all come up with!  Winner will be chosen a week from today, so stay tuned!

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  1. intelligentbeauty

    my hair is ALL mine, so fine
    oh yes, it is fine
    those products shall be mine


  2. My sister’s hair is so fine
    My hair is so thick
    Sister love is Fantastic!

  3. Oh I love my hair
    No other type can compare
    Now I am So Fine!

  4. productjunkycurly

    So Fine craves water
    and mine needs maximum slip;
    raw shea weighs her down

  5. So fine, My Kinky Tresses
    Unique to me…Acceptance.

  6. Nyla Nyla Mae I have no clue?
    Your hair is so fine,
    What is a mother to do boo?

  7. mahoganytresses

    Soft and fluffy like cotton,
    My God-given crown.
    So Fine, so Divine, so Me!

    I subscribed! That was fun! Haven’t done that since creative writing in college!

  8. Oh, honey my hair, my hair
    people stop and stare,
    hair oh so fine, and all mines….

    I’m subscribed. Hope I win! I have yet to find a great moisturizer. yikes!

  9. wispy hairs all through my head
    so fine, feathery
    like a bird, i let them free

  10. my hair in so much despair,
    it’s so fine I whine
    My face will grin if I win

  11. wonderfullymade1

    My Haiku for the giveaway….
    Yes these curly strands are mine
    wanna hate ? so fine
    I won’t cease to be fly though

  12. Sapphire Smile
    Mystic Divine
    My Hair, So Fine

    Blue Lilly’s Rise
    Peach Cobbler Drizzling
    My Hair, So Fine

    Golden Gate Bridge
    Today, I LIVE
    No Longer in Hair Bondage

    (C) Casarae L. Gibson

    Subscribed. Have a wonderful day!!!!

  13. stacy-ann wright

    My hair is always dry
    I know its so fine
    Please send me these lines.

    I am subscribed

  14. Just combed out all my locs,
    Hair SO FINE, it rocks!
    Loving the natural life!

    p.s – combing out 5 year old locs was NO JOKE!!!

  15. Baby girl’s hair is so fine
    Love to make it shine.
    Please make these products all mine!

    I subscribed.

  16. Floating around my brown face
    Twirls of curly love
    SO FINE and ever so fly.

  17. Curly spirals look at me.
    So Fine hair, ooh whee.
    I am natural indeed!

    I subscribed;)

  18. Just like the moon, my hair shines

    Love what God has made

    It’s all mine, It’s all SO FINE!

  19. I’m already suscribed! :)

  20. Honeychild, my hair is SO FINE!
    I step back and look
    I can’t believe it’s ALL mine.

  21. Curly, frizzy, that’s my hair
    Pretty bold take a pic
    So fine, but fly, it’s G6

  22. Subscribed, sorry forgot to add that :)

  23. SO FINE and so soft
    Like butter, light and fluffy
    Love natural hair!


  24. Perfect mane how I love thee
    Can I touch your hair?
    Pick a number, wait in line.


  25. Georgette Jones


    Honey child my hair is, so fine
    Indeed it’s so fine
    Sheen, moisture, it has it all!

  26. Twist Out, Wash n Go
    Define my coils way to grow.
    Moist locks are SO FINE!

  27. My Hair appears SO FINE
    to men and women im a dime
    now look at the time!

  28. Kinky, coily, wavy strands
    atop my brown head
    My natural ‘do is so fine!

    (subcribed) :) *fingers crossed for the win*

  29. Haute couture, coily, curly…no lye!
    Embracing the real
    Is an equation SO FINE!

  30. My hair is SO FINE
    Curly and Kinky you see
    LOVE it cause it’s me!


  31. Your instructions say that a haiku is 7-5-7, but a haiku is really 5-7-5

    My hair is SO FINE
    Devine, sublime, proud its mine
    What a gift from God

  32. Oh and I subscribed. Maybe ill get extra points for pointing out the haiku error (wishful thinking).


  33. It’s bossy, demanding and SO FINE
    Can’t control it, it’s one of a kind
    My hair and it’s all mine!


  34. aren’t haikus 5 syll, 7 syll, 5 syll? not 7,5,7…

    big and so fluffy
    mastery of any combs
    get through these fine strands

  35. I don’t want to jack your giveaway, but I just wanna say I love your tights!

  36. No lie, my hair is SO FINE
    I’ve even named it
    Curious? It’s called Coily!

    Subscribed! Thank you. This was fun!

  37. Say, what makes my curls go wild?
    Butters, oils, water…
    Love, that’s what makes them SO FINE!


  38. Hair SO FINE, it can’t be beat.
    Naps, Kinks, love it all.
    I found a self that I love!

    Subscribed :)

  39. On it’s own, it outshines, curves,
    flows and looks so fine.
    My curls, my girls, are divine.

  40. LOL!! I am already subscribed. A minor correction, a haiku is 5,7,5 but this is your giveaway so here’s your 7,5,7! LOL

    My natural hair is me
    Springy, curly, coils
    So fine like aged wine

    • doh! thanks for pointing it out. i wrote my example the right way…all submissions will be counted, the later ones will have the right count :)

    • Where did she make the error? Here’s an excerpt from the original post, “The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, the third line has 5 syllables.”

  41. So fine is this hair of mine
    Though its luscious still
    Dreams of thickness my mind fills

  42. Dangit, I messed up the last line:

    Here’s the correction:

    My natural hair is me
    Springy, curly, coils
    Fiyah! So fine like aged wine!

  43. There are no words to express
    My love for baby
    My oh so fine kinky hair

  44. My curly hair is so fine
    expressing its shine
    wishing the products were mine

  45. I will treat you right,
    This abundance, this beautiful hair SO FINE,
    You’re mine, you deserve it!!


  46. Kinks Curls Bantu Knots braids twists
    It Is all SO FINE
    Now watch my Hair Swing in Bliss

  47. Corrected Haiku; 5, 7,5

    Curves, bends, looks so fine.
    On their own, they outshine. Yes.
    Love my curls, my girls.

  48. My hair is my crown
    frizzy, puffy, and so fine
    gorgeous, sexy, hair!

  49. Oh…hair you SO FINE!
    You so fine, you blow my mind.
    I adore my coils.

    I’m subscribed. :)

  50. I want to have curls
    But my hair wants to be straight
    Sometimes I win

  51. Good hair curls up for a nap?
    Nothing wrong with that!
    Give it TLC

  52. OOPS.. correction*

    Big Curly Afro
    Shines knowing it is So Fine
    Friends Now With The Rain

    And Im Subscribed :-)

  53. Hair, so big and free,
    Please do a favor for me?
    Win these products, please!

  54. ReBirthofAQueen

    It’s more than just Hair
    Spirals like the Galaxies
    Nappy hair is Divine

  55. ReBirthofAQueen

    It’s more than just Hair
    Spirals like the Galaxies
    Nappy hair is Divine


  56. What took you so long
    To realize your true beauty?
    SO FINE now you shine!

  57. Kinky-coily fun
    in rain or sun; eclectic,
    bold, beautiful, you!

  58. Kinky-coily fun
    SO FINE! Eclectic, bold, full,
    true, beautiful, you!

  59. Some may think it’s cute
    And others may gawk at glance
    But it’s mine, SO FINE!!!!!

  60. What Does It Look Like?
    Moist, Bantu’ed Out, Twisted Out
    Natural, So Fine!

    I am subscribed :-)

  61. Thirsty roots crave YOU,
    Delicate tresses need YOU!
    SO FINE!!! just be MINE!

  62. Dryness issues that won’t end?
    Stop the madness now
    Moisture is a curl’s best friend!

  63. Curly and kinky
    so fine twisted, puffed or straight
    Beautiful black hair

  64. Jaselyn Williams

    Those curls ooooo so fine
    They hypnotize and amaze
    She is working it !

  65. I was created,
    To be SO FINE, yes indeed.
    My hair screams happy!

  66. Good hair curls up for a nap?
    Nothing wrong with that!
    Give it TLC

    Dryness issues that won’t end?
    Stop the madness now
    Moisture is a curl’s best friend!

    Sent these earlier. Sorry for the duplication.
    I am subscribed!

  67. Gots to be gentle
    With my coily fro-rocking
    So Fine its a crime

  68. Help! So fine and dry
    Drench and moisturize these tresses of mine
    Bring out those curls, sublime!

    Coolness, love the blog!

  69. So new to the game
    So Fine cries out, a shame!
    Moisture makes me so fly

  70. My hair is fine
    Just like me
    My hair is chunky
    Just like me
    My hair is soft
    Just like me
    My hair is kinky
    Just like me
    My hair is sassy
    Just like me
    My her is fabulous
    Just like me
    But, my hair doesn’t make me
    I make me

  71. a million kinky strands
    all over my head, are SO FINE
    Thank God they’re mine

  72. Today my hair wants freedom.
    So, fine, an afro.
    Let the March winds blow it out!

  73. Hair so coily, tight,
    Rescue me from thoughts of perms,
    H20, savior!

  74. this hair is all mine
    every curly loop and vine
    so strong yet so fine

  75. Whose that girl SO FINE
    With those kinks and coils that shine
    Gotta make her mine

  76. Twirls that bounce and shine.
    My gorgeous curls are so fine.
    Sweet, sweet hair of mine.


  77. Curls are oh SO FINE
    Yes, when moisturized devine
    wow girl how you shine!

  78. I stood undefined
    here you came to change my mind
    love, SO FINE, so mine


  79. Moisture puts in line
    This great hair of mine, so fine
    Curls are genuine!

    Kinky, curly, nap
    So fine and totally free
    Moisture is the key

    I’m subscribed

  80. curly locs so fine
    made glossy, tousled softly
    get yo buttas whipped

  81. Bam What Is That There
    All I Wanna Do Is Stare
    Oh So Fine Your Hair

    That was fun :)

  82. oh an I am a subscriber :)

  83. My hair is SOO fine!
    It will blind your eyes with shine
    I’m SOO glad its mine!


  84. I just subscribed!

    Dense as the Amazon lush
    Cottony tendrils
    So fine, a natural muse

  85. Already a subscriber!

    I loves my big hair
    Curls, kinks, and waves are all mine
    Oohs and ahhs…so fine

  86. My curlz needz some luv
    So fine, so dry, please help me
    Milk, cream,sweet for me!

  87. Didn’t reflect I subscribed… but I did!

  88. My curls are so fine!
    Dry.. But moisture they will get
    Winning this contest !

  89. My Hair, My Hair, is SO FINE
    Shee thirst for their care
    Deja, Qhemet and Ambrosia

  90. These are FUN! I’m a subscriber too

  91. liberated, FREE!
    my HAIR is for ME!

  92. Water, earth, fire, and air
    Curls with kinks are nature’s lair
    So fine, our true hair

  93. my hair is a crown
    floats above my head SO FINE
    making people turn

  94. Oh SO FINE is thee
    thin but strong, not very long
    though I love you so

  95. Curly locks need you
    Moisture, come penetrate me
    So fine, I must be

  96. Coils and kinks spun round
    Locs like sponge cake, soaked in rum
    SO FINE, light and fluffy!

    (p.s.can you tell I rock locs?! : ))

    • oooops, lets try this again

      Coils and kinks spun ’round
      Locs like sponge cake, soaked in rum
      SO FINE, light, fluffy!

  97. My mane is so fine!
    Don’t mean to be arrogant.
    Just so elegant…

  98. Frustated ya know

  99. Whoops. My complete submission:

    Frustrated ya know
    Hair so fine, hair so so dry
    Hope to win moisture

  100. Full of Coils and Kinks
    So fine, beauty to behold
    Self Love Naturally

  101. Chopped it then grew it
    He loves to run his fingers through
    Naturally in love

  102. I lovey my hair
    Even though it is SO FINE
    Thank God, it’s all mine!

    (Subscribed via Google Reader)

  103. This hair is my crown
    It shines with moisture all day
    My man says … SO FINE

  104. Oh my lady Dee
    Curls so tight, texture just right
    Oh So Fine is she



  106. My Kinks Are So Fine
    Touching them will blow your mind
    ASK First, Lest You Die!

  107. SO FINE are my tresses…
    Soft as Cotton and Black as Night
    Treat Me Right! ; )

  108. Guuuuuurl, my hair’s SO FINE
    My hair’s SOOOO FINE, blows my mind!
    Heeeeey Mickey, err, Heeeey Cassidy!

  109. OH Me and my curls!
    Lord,they took me for a whirl
    Now I’m Fine,so FINE!


  110. Coily, Cottony
    Beautifully Springy,;Mine!
    So Fine, you say? Yeah!

    already subscribed

  111. So fine and fluffy
    Tight spirals ringlets and curls
    Match made in heaven

  112. So Fine in a fro,
    full and spry, coiled and twisted
    Tangledly Textured

    I am subscribed

  113. My hair, my hair,
    Oh so very fine,
    but oh so absolutely divine!

  114. PearlsDaughter104

    Transistioning hair
    to natural is tricky
    but SO FINE indeed!


  115. So fine to behold
    Kinky curls reach to the skies
    Drinking nature’s gold

  116. like cotton in spring
    Thick but still so fine, all mine
    sublime and strong fro

  117. oh an Subscribed!

  118. Sultry like red wine.
    Lucious, my full-bobied curls.
    So fine. I am, me.

  119. i like ’em kinky
    so fine n’ hung doooown to there!
    loc’d loose nappy hair…

  120. Looking Good Yes You
    Natural Perfection Too
    So Fine Healthy You

  121. i like ‘em kinky
    so fine n’ hung doooown to there!
    my men? Nah. My Hair…

  122. hey! how many haiku’s can you enter?

  123. On this day of Lent,
    Gift of SO FINE hair God sent.
    I now bless my Crown!

    {I’m subscribed}

    Everyone is so creative! What a fun way to host a giveway!!

  124. loopy loopy curls…
    this hair of mine is SO FINE!
    up, down, round and round!

  125. So fine is my hair
    You can’t help but stop and stare
    Love is? Curly Hair!

  126. College curls are broke
    So fine but a little dry
    No moisture just hope

  127. Half a head of kinks,
    half is fine curl. How to do
    hair on a mixed girl?

  128. Ohhhhh, my hair, my Boo!

    It’s SO FINE it blows my mind!

    Don’t you love your’s TOO!

  129. Tiffany Grigley

    Fluffy, soft, and true.
    So fine kinks and corkscrews too.
    I dare to love you.

  130. Natural hair is oooh so fly
    Because I told the relaxer good-bye
    And now my hair is pretty and fine
    So all I can say is let it shine, shine, shine!!!

  131. My hair is so thick
    I thank the Lord
    Product,product is the core

  132. So fine is my hair
    Abuse from relaxers once
    Moved on to stay strong

  133. I think I’ll call this one “Dear Diary.”

    Hurt myself today:
    Whipped my hair…. crashed into lamp.
    Neck SO FINE, it snapped.


  134. Entry 1
    Lovely as the summer breeze
    My hair keeps men on their knees
    They’ll agree I’m so fine!

    Entry 2
    My hair is distinct;
    Contorted strands of beauty
    So fine yet divine

    Im subscribed

  135. When it rains, still fierce!
    Curly Nubian goddess
    So fine, sublime, mine.

    (already a subscriber. Such fun!)

    ps-Lori, that was hilarious!!!

  136. My hair is SO FINE
    I like to call it DIVINE
    Proud to call it MINE

  137. Sta Soft fro so fine
    Chocolate twists spring outward
    In this world of mine

    So, fine, I’m not straight
    I’m a kinky, frizzy curl
    In a dry -ss world (or G rated version : In a bone dry world) Lol

  138. So Fine So Divine
    My hair smiles and laughs out loud
    Join me and be free

  139. Thanks for holding this contest! Here’s my entry!

    Free, nebulous curls
    Aphrodite can’t compare
    So fine, baby, so fine

    p.s. And I subscribed!

  140. So Fine on top! But
    Dry tendrils wont make me stop!
    Curly hair’s still GREAT!!

  141. Hair so fine it blows my mind
    Twisted, braided, coiled, and behavin
    Treat me well and love me too

    i subscribed!

  142. Ten years natural
    with oh SO FINE curly crown
    doing what it do

  143. My hair, so thick and yet fine,
    Tiny curls that grow.
    It rises gloriously.


  144. Like a spiders web
    Oh SO FINE and intricate
    Stunning looking hair

  145. Oops, edit for typo. :)

    My hair, thick and yet so fine,
    Tiny curls that grow.
    It rises gloriously.

  146. rain rain go away
    hair already crying anyway
    need the products today

  147. MY GOSH Y’ALL! So many amazing submissions already!!! How will I ever be able to choose one of your so fine selves????!!! Keep em coming!!!

  148. My hair touches clouds
    Beneath the sun it lingers
    With beauty SO FINE

  149. I adore my hair
    So Fine, Divine and all mine
    My Crown of Glory

  150. My locks they curl like
    Delicate tendrils of smoke
    In the air, SO FINE

  151. Going natural.
    Trial,error; Destine to find,
    Hair that’s o so fine!!

  152. subscribed

    my hair is so fine
    it blows me out of my mind
    Im happy its mine

  153. Looking good you fluffy mane
    So Fine should be your official name
    Grow strong and beautiful, I’m not ashame

  154. Look at that head of curls!
    Hmph, Wash,Condition,Repeat!
    Its soo FINE!

  155. I’m a real smooth cat
    Natural whiskers smirking
    so fine hair, my crown

    Couldn’t resist to write another one:

    My God given gift
    flows like a kinky river
    spirit waves so fine

  156. I can’t wait to shake
    those natural curls
    when I win that stuff.

  157. check out my halo
    so so fine so curly chic
    my tangled blessing

  158. subscribed!

    Crazy thirsty curls…
    So fine yet so finicky!
    Quench with new products?

  159. I really like these
    but i’m haiku challenged hey,
    so fine, here’s hoping!!!!

  160. This hair God gave me
    Exudes beauty with kinks, coils
    So fine, makes me smile

  161. So dry, so sublime
    Quench me! My locks are so fine!
    Hair nectar like wine!

  162. Oh I love my hair
    curls,braids, twist, a big ol’ fro!
    so fine and so me !

  163. So fine curls – all mine
    Wind, rain, snow – I do not fear
    For you, I am true!

  164. exploring who is my hair
    ‘times Curly, ‘times Dry, ‘times Sexy, So FINE!
    Love i Love my hair!

  165. I’m writing a real haiku, 5,7,5: hope that doesn’t thwart my chances of getting picked!

    Today is my time,
    to embrace these curls so fine,
    and be glad they’re mine.

  166. Subscribed!

    Curly afro look at you
    You lure others with such grace
    Thanks God for my gift

  167. So fine on its own
    Jealous cultures wont condone
    My beautiful hair

  168. Native kinks and curls,
    Oh SO FINE and unique, I
    Envy your freedom.

  169. Kinky, coily curls
    Hydrate them and they will sing:)
    Glad they’re mine, so fine

  170. look at what i see
    kinks, curls, coils…but not on me
    I wanna win pleez!

  171. OH NO YOU DIDN’T!
    who are you to touch my hair?
    I am not your Barbie!

  172. ***Sidebar – my bad, I eff’ed up my first attempt lol!!

    who are you to touch my hair?
    I’m not your Barbie!

  173. Kinky gift from God
    I thank God it is all mine
    cuz we are SO FINE!!!

  174. My hair is SO FINE
    So I need to drop this line
    so moist can be mine

  175. Subscribed…

    wispers, nodds at MY hair
    SO FINE buttery blonde natural WHO me!
    confident ME, love the stare

  176. Curls spring left and right
    SO FINE, traffic-stopping grace
    You already know!

  177. Love, cherish my hair
    Because my hair is So Fine
    It’s totally me :)

  178. So Fine is my hair
    Cut it off I do not dare
    Growth is key to life

  179. curly curls twitsted
    twisted curls looking SO FINEEEEEE
    curly curls twisted

  180. Twisted curl so fine
    My, but you remain divine
    Bling, blingin’ with shine!

  181. So straight hair does this,
    and My Nice, Fine Kinks do that –
    while Dave Chapelle, drums.


  182. Your straight hair does this,
    and My “SO FINE” Kinks do that –
    while Dave Chapelle, drums.

  183. Your hair is so fine
    Girl and this hair is all mine
    Kinky and so divine

  184. Kinky, Curly Blues
    Hair-ific or Horr-ific
    What’s it to you… you?

  185. Im having way too much fun creating haikus!

    Two more:
    Waves, kinks, coils and curls
    Power to the textured girls
    So fine! Our hair twirls!

    So fine and delicate
    Twists and braids will often shrink
    Waves, coils, curls and kinks

  186. Should have read
    So fine and fragile (not delicate)
    Twists and braid will often shrink
    Waves, coils, curls and kinks

  187. Hair Frazzled and Fried
    Thirsty for an elixir
    so fine, true n tried

  188. Demetra Mensah- Bonsu

    Honey you so fine
    And so extremely divine
    My darling you are

  189. My hair is so fine
    I stop traffic with my ‘fro
    So what – I like it!

  190. Touch it, feel it, see…
    SO FINE! My coils entertwine…
    Beautiful, all mine.

  191. Hair so fine, love it
    Curly, liquid locks of love
    Brown ringlets stay soft

  192. To all you haters
    don’t put my hair in a box
    So fine, your jealous.

  193. Oh my lovely curls
    I love how you are so fine
    And so beautiful

  194. Big, bold, in your face
    dont touch for she is fragile,
    so fine and fluffy!

    Subscribed :)

  195. Hair. finely spun. silk.
    fragile. handle with care please.
    so fine. love mine. Hair.

  196. Kinky curly me
    Loving every bit of me
    Would u look at me

  197. deeply curling dreams
    galaxy of spiraled strands
    transforming the mind

  198. My God, He gave me
    My fluffy halo,so fine
    Marks me as Divine!

  199. Ok, I had to add another just because poetry is so fun!

    Hair so fine, so free
    I am loving what I see
    Africa in me

    OK, last one:
    Silver, gold, my hair
    Valuable things, so rare
    You can’t help but stare!

  200. OK, the last one was meant to read as follows, but I clicked submit before edit:
    Silver, gold, my hair
    Valuables so fine, rare
    You can’t help but stare

    I’m finished for real

  201. touch me, feel me, uuuummm
    twist me, coil me, love me more
    make me feel so fine!

  202. Beautiful Unique
    loving every curl and kink
    so fine and all mine

  203. Stripped down to the bone
    Hair so fine don’t need no comb
    Relaxed natur’ly.

  204. Dusky silhouette
    Jives so fine to the rhythm

  205. Qhemet and Karen
    Ya’ll so fine, puh-leeze Bee Mine!
    Wicked grin…poo-YA

  206. Hair coily, so fine,
    Rescue me from thoughts of perms,
    H20, savior!

  207. can I touch your hair?
    he says…looks so fine in twists
    two coils become one.

  208. How many textures
    in my hair…1,2,3,4
    So Fine, LOIS never lied.

  209. NO time do I have
    To do, Curl my hair SO FINE!

  210. Boooooooooy, see you looking
    your eyes touch my hair so fine
    tendrils dance on wind

    Suscribed, love the first pic

  211. It’s been a long road…
    From Aquanet 80’s poof
    To cute fro – so fine.

  212. White girls rock cornrows
    Asian girls rock reggae perms
    My So Fine Fro…feigned.

  213. My natural hair win!
    When my twist-outs last for days…
    Coils so fine, they bling!

  214. Ok… I could write a million more like this one, so i’ll stop after this…lol

    My coils are SO FINE,
    How fine are they, did you say?
    Paid the judge and clerk.

    *bah dum… ching!*

  215. Two bodies, one soul
    So fine, friendship redefined
    as 2 coils, 1 twist.

  216. Thick hair is my way
    Curly, crazy and itchy
    So fine and kept warm.

  217. Cool confident ME
    Can’t you see SO FINE my strands
    The essence of ME

  218. That brotha man is
    sooooo fiiine, I whipped his hair back
    and forth like a b*tch!

  219. My locs were so fine
    but I think i’ve changed my mind
    afro here I come

  220. Just did the big chop
    need help to grow healthy hair
    so fine if I win

  221. So fine were my locs
    cascading long down my back
    eight year long journey

  222. Cut locs for a ‘fro?
    hard decision, I dont know
    so fine either way

  223. Divine is my hair…
    im so fine with all the stares…
    at my stunning mane.

  224. TWA saves ca$h
    Don’t sleep on my power naps
    So Fine, penny wise.

  225. Paris, Tokyo
    I’ll take my fro to go please.
    So fine, away we grow!

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