San Diego Wrap Up ( and why the radio silence while down there…)

While sitting in San Diego, I was laying in bed one night thinking about the places and friend and family I would be visiting over the next month and my intention behind this whole trip and I came up with one word: RECONNECTION.  In each of the places I will be visiting over the next month, I will be reconnecting with many family and friends who I have not seen in months, years, and in the case of San Diego, decades.

The purpose of my trip to San Diego was to reconnect with my biological father and meet for the first time all of the relatives (including a 13 year old half-sister) on my paternal side.  I grew up in Minnesota with my entire maternal family and step father, only meeting my biological father once when I was four years old, (something I frankly have very little recollection of) so it was really a trip 21-years in the making.  Due to limited wi-fi access and the fact that this was quality time to the max, I was not blogging during this time.  (Although, I did spend a bit of effort trying to coax my coils back into existence).

Me and my father, Eric

Erica + Cassidy

This portion of the trip, while very personal, I decided to share on the blog because it not only is a part of me, but also has everything to do with Natural Selection seeing as natural selection (biologically – and simply- defined) is the process by which physical traits are passed down from parents to children.  So while I was on the hunt for where these dang coils came from so I could write about it here, I found myself in the midst of a discovery of other traits via cousins and aunts and an extended network of new family that for my entire life I’ve been wondering where they came from.

But what’s a good family visit without both history and hairstory?  One of the reasons I’ve never gotten micro braids is because I’ve never wanted to spend the time to take them down.  But who was I to deny my half sister, Erica, a helping hand in taking hers down?  Hopefully she’ll listen to her big sister’s advice and take a break from the braids (because we all know how long-term braiding can really damage edges) and rock her natural! (hint hint hint)

Taking Erica's braids down

Taking a break from the unbraiding to cheeeeeese!

Unfortunately I did not make it to the San Diego naturals meetup, but the story of my San Diego trip DID turn out to be one of reconnecting with other naturals: familial naturals all around!

At Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in LA!

Family Dinner in San Diego

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story! You are me!
    We have to connect at one of these blogger conferences next year. Love your blog and your personal stories. They’re just awesome.

  2. What type of foundation are you wearing? You look AWESOME!!! and the coils are definitely coming back. Seems like you had a GREAT time!

    • Thanks, Courtney! I actually don’t wear foundation (unless its for a really really big event where lots of pictures will be taken). Kind of part of my make up mantra. I think the more foundation you wear, the more you will need it :) Sunscreen and lots of water are my big secret! :)

      And yes, the coils are working their way through!

      • Thank you…I have been doing that myself… going without foundation but I do like to wear my eye makeup and a nice gloss or lipstick and blush., Water does a body good, which I need to drink more of :(

        • Oooh! Do not get me wrong: I am all about eye makeup and and blush and lipstick! Love em! And have a huge collection of all of those! :D Foundation and powders I just steer clear of :)

  3. These are great pics! Thanks for sharing.

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