Internatural: Bly (UK)

I first saw Bly Richards on stage at the San Francisco Hip Hop Dance Fest two years ago when he and his group Plague lit up the theater with their UK-bred style of hip hop moves.  

But its not his dance moves that we’re here to discuss today…oh no no no my friends, it’s obviously his hair.  When I first saw Bly perform, his head was all braided up into a slick set of cornrows, but this 1/2 Jamaican + 1/2 Scottish dancer has one of the most fabulous heads of curls I’ve ever seen.  I got the chance to catch up with him and ask him about his hair and came up these three facts about Bly’s hair:

  • Bly has thinks cornrows hurt as much as I do, that’s why he doesn’t wear them anymore.  “I’ve got a delicate head,” he says.
  • He finds that his hair is a huge attention grabber.  “People are always touching the curls…quite annoying,” he says.
  • He uses Sof’n’Free, a UK-based product line

Ok, enough of me jabbering…let me let these curls speak for themselves!!

Bly: am I right or am I right?

Be sure to check out Plague, this group is capital L— LIVE.

So if you are ever in the UK and craving some dance/Bly, I highly suggest that you check out one of his classes that he teaches, including a new House Class  at Studio 68.

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  2. His hair is freaking amazing! i love it.

  3. he and his hair are sexy :)
    I actually like the twisted hairstyle on him in the bottom pic, even though I normally don’t like twists on men.

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